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5 Daily Habits to Cultivate More Prosperity

As you know, I’ve been deep in creation mode, putting the finishing touches on the prosperity course I’ve been working on.

And while I was recording a hypnosis audio (which is way more powerful than meditation) it got me thinking. 

I want to share some ideas to help you feel more prosperous in your life. And even if you read this before the doors open up again to the money course, you’ll have these helpful habits helping you prosper — today.

Unless you grew up living abundantly, noticing abundance everywhere, then you might find yourself in a place of scarcity or scarcity thinking.

I grew up poor, so I completely understand living in scarcity and having a scarcity mindset, none of which are fun or pave the way to prosperity and abundance. 

In all the NLP training and coaching I’ve taken part in and even delivered, I’ve discovered unless it’s a constant in your life, prosperity is something that we must cultivate consciously — and consistently, again, and again.

We have to work at it all the time, in the same way you may follow an exercise routine or structured eating plan,  if we’re going to create more abundance in our lives. 

The thing about prosperity when we’re not accustomed to it is that we must consciously focus on cultivating it — until we see the evidence of it in our experience.

Discipline and perseverance — easy to say, and maybe not so sexy in practice. 

Do you know what IS sexy? Taking action and achieving your dreams. I’ve proven to myself, over and over, that action is how we get there. 

Here are 5 practices to help you cultivate prosperity: 

1. Be mindful of your thoughts.
Especially the automatic negative ones that we don’t even know we’re having. Automatic negative thoughts are the ones running rampant in the back of the mind and usually don’t leave us feeling that good.

A lot of the time, these are fear-based thoughts that, when we’re thinking them, they’re creating an experience for us. Even the thoughts about someone else, because the unconscious mind processes these negative thoughts as if they’re about us.

2. Be mindful of your language.
The language you use determines your outcomes. The thoughts we think become our language. The words that leave your mouth came from thoughts that may be so deeply embedded in your unconscious mind that you might not even notice.

I tell my clients all the time that I don’t care about their point of view. What I care about is that they’re really happy, they’re getting what they want, and that they’re more congruent today (meaning thoughts align with actions) than they were yesterday. And the language they use consistently determines if and how they’re going to get there.

3. Practice appreciation and gratitude.
Start with appreciating yourself and your journey. Find things to love and appreciate about where you are right now. Appreciate the breath in your body, the beautiful things in the people around you, in nature, and even in your comfy clothes. First, notice, then feel grateful.

This also goes for the people in your life. Really be mindful of the things you say about others because perception is projection. Meaning that if you see something in them whether you like it or not, it can only be that the essence of what you see is in you. This is an opportunity to check-in and notice where you can appreciate the positives in others.

4. Focus on what’s going right.
Notice what you do well, and celebrate the small wins. Practice making “feedback sandwiches,” where you recognize what you’re doing great, identify a small improvement you can make, and end on another high note of praise.

Look at it like a math equation. One plus one equals two. If you focus on what’s going well, you’re giving your neurology — your conscious and your unconscious mind — the tools to create an experience that matches. It’s all there and available for you.

5. Create some personal prosperity mantras. Write down, and recite your prosperity mantras regularly to rewrite negative beliefs and to train your unconscious mind to embrace abundance. If you want to adopt a belief about prosperity that’s for you, then you want to make it really positive and use “toward” language (meaning it’s toward what you want and not away from what you don’t want). Here are some examples of positive, toward mantras: 

    • I have all the resources I need to do all the things I want to do, when I want to do them, how I want to do them.
    • Prosperity and abundance are my birthrights.
    • Money comes easily and frequently whenever I need it, however I need it, and exactly in the amount that I need it. 
    • As money goes out, it comes back in at twice the amount.

Your mantras can go beyond money. Notice how I use “resources” and “abundance” in these mantras too. Choose statements that feel good to you, using the language you’d naturally use. 

In the end, this is about something bigger than money. It’s about you living your life in a way that brings you the most fulfillment — and doing it with discipline and perseverance.

And you and your life’s purpose are worth the effort.

Know that I’m still on this journey with you because growth doesn’t stop. Transformation doesn’t stop. Evolution goes on. We’re not potted plants that you’ll stop watering and let it wilt. We continue to grow and evolve, so let’s do it on purpose.

If you want to do some more profound work around creating more abundance for yourself, listen to this episode – #65 of The Mind Revolution Podcast: 5 Practices for Cultivating Prosperity

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  1. Morning Upgrade

    This was a great read about cultivating a mindset of prosperity. It’s easy to have goals and dreams, but reaching them can be a struggle for many of us. I love when you said, “Notice what you do well, and celebrate the small wins”. There’s going to be bumps, failures, step backs along the way. But there will also be small wins and things that went right. Focus on those. Use those as motivation to continue pushing forward, edging closer and closer to those dreams and goals. –Ryan


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