Episode 029

5 Money Patterns Keeping You in the Poorhouse


Episode 029

5 Money Patterns Keeping You in the Poorhouse

#029: 5 money patterns keeping you in the poorhouse

The principle thing that keeps us from the money that we want are the beliefs and the patterns that we’re running unconsciously. 

In my experiences with my clients, there are certain beliefs and patterns that show up over and over again. These patterns are bad for your bottom line. They’ll keep you stuck in your financial comfort zone, or worse, they can send you to the poorhouse. 

The five detrimental money patterns I most commonly see are the following. Can you spot them and their effects in your life?

  • Complaining about money. Complaining about the price of gas, complaining that money is so hard to come by, complaining that you’re broke, complaining that finances are stressful, complaining that money comes and goes so quickly…It’s all negative. 

One of your unconscious mind’s very important jobs is to protect you. If something is perceived as negative, as bad, as stressful, your unconscious mind is going to try to keep that stressful stuff at bay. Really. 

Complaining? Just stop that. It never solves anything anyway.

    • The idea that “the universe will provide.” It’s a nice, sweet thought, and, well, maybe it is true to some degree. I really don’t know. The real poison here is that if you’re waiting on the universe to do its thing, you’re not in control. You’re turning over your ambition, creativity, and desires to some maybe-there-maybe-not-there, unseen force. Talk about being at effect… Don’t got there. Better to take action and take control of your own financial destiny.


    • Hoarding money. This stems from the idea that money is a scarcity. It’s hard to get and in limited supply. We get stingy and can’t really enjoy the pleasure that having and spending money can bring. 


    • Spending too much money. This often stems from the here-today-gone-tomorrow belief. “Better spend it while you’ve got a chance.” This is a short-term mindset that makes you a slave to money instead of having it serve you.


  • Worrying about money. Worry is a type of fear. Too much of it is detrimental for our health. Your unconscious mind knows this and will push away sources of worry. 

The remedy? Appreciation. Cultivate it, nurture it. Develop a deep internal appreciation for money, for what it can do for you, for how it smooths our everyday lives.

And saving. Develop a pattern of putting away savings, no matter how small to begin with. The amount doesn’t matter. What matters is the repeated action, the repeated pattern.

Break free of poorhouse patterns and replace them with helpful, positive beliefs and patterns, and… Well, you’ll see the difference in tangible ways.


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