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5 Money Patterns Keeping You in the Poorhouse

What’s going on when we have some big financial goals and we seem to keep bumping up against an invisible ceiling?

It’s as if we’re looking back and the same stories keep repeating themselves. What’s going on?

The main thing preventing us from making the money we want are the beliefs and the patterns that we’re running unconsciously. 

In my experience with clients, certain beliefs and patterns show up over and over again, and these patterns are likely to be harmful to your bottom line. 

These habits, largely unconscious, are keeping you stuck in your cash comfort zone, or worse, they are keeping you trapped inside the poorhouse. 

Here are the 5 money patterns you might find yourself running into: 

Pattern #1: Complaining about money. 
Complaining about taxes, bills, the price of gas, that money is hard to come by, that you’re broke, that finances are stressful, or that money comes and goes so quickly. These are all negative.

Your unconscious mind has one important job, and that is to keep you safe. If your unconscious mind perceives something  — like money, as negative, bad, or stressful, it will try to minimize this stuff and maybe even run in the other direction. What can this manifest as? Less money, fewer opportunities to make it, and even added stress for not having enough of it.

Pattern #2: Thinking “the universe will provide.” 
Awww, isn’t that a sweet thought? The real trouble here is that if you’re waiting on the universe to do its thing is that you’re practicing avoidance, and the lack of focus means handing over control of your results to some nebulous force outside of yourself, which can render you helpless. And by the way, you’re not helpless, maybe just not particularly focusing.

And let me be clear here. The law of attraction is real. The power of the universe is real. And the way to tap into that universal force happens through focused intention. Period. You get the essence of what you focus on, whether it serves you or not. You can help the universe help you by taking action to take control of your financial destiny by focusing your on drive, creativity, and desire.

Pattern #3: Hoarding money. 
Have you ever met someone who by society’s standards, seems to have plenty of money, yet they’re constantly talking about how little money they have or how expensive things are? This stems from the idea that money is scarce. It’s hard to get and in limited supply, so we get stingy, squirrel away all our cash, and can’t enjoy the pleasure that having money can bring, and because the inherent belief is that money is scarce, then scarcity will be the generalized unconscious belief, and no amount of money will ever feel enough. 

Pattern #4: Overspending. 
This often stems from the here-today-gone-tomorrow belief. “Better spend it while you’ve got it.” This is a short-term mindset that makes you a slave to money instead of letting it serve you. It may even feel like holding onto money is unsafe, so you give it away or spend it just as quickly as it’s flowing in.

Pattern #5: Worrying about money. 
Worry is a type of fear and too much of it is detrimental for our health. Your unconscious mind knows this and will push away sources of worry — and if that source of concern is money, then you’ll be unconsciously pushing that away too.

As you reviewed these five patterns, do you notice any of them happening in your life? Are some trends more prominent than others?


Break the pattern with appreciation.

Take back control of your cash with an appreciation for it. Cultivate and nurture money. Develop a deep internal appreciation for money, for what it can do for you, for how it makes our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Once you’ve identified the recurring patterns, you can take the next step and begin to rewrite them and create some new, healthy habits around money that will help bring some more of it into your life. 

Here are some simple ways you can show your gratitude for the green stuff so it can show you more in return:

Create a brain blueprint for success that focuses on what you want.
It’s the law of the brain — what you focus on will become your experience. Focus determines our environment and if you create an environment where money will be abundant, it will show up. It requires a certain amount of stubbornness to stay there, almost in slow motion and to tend to what you’re feeling. And when you catch an emotion that isn’t serving you, you can begin to change it.

Appreciation is about creating a sense of loving what is for what it is, and feeling joy for what’s in front of you. Applied to money, look around you. Money created so many beautiful things in your life. The next time you go out to eat at a restaurant, as you pay your bill, think about the tip and the wages you’re helping provide to the staff, to the farmers who grew the food, for the manager who keeps the place running, and the ripple effect that providing money will offer to everyone in their lives.

Stretch your appreciation beyond money.
It goes beyond money too — you can begin to feel gratitude towards the people in your life who are here to support you in achieving your goals. You can simply sit and appreciate things like your car and all the things in it — the leather or fabric, the radio, the air conditioning. You can appreciate the barista at your local cafe for delivering the perfect latte to you every time.

By throwing this continuous appreciation-fest, you’re retraining your brain for success. This is why it’s so important to do it in a way that will feel fun and easy.

Take action leveraging your wisdom.
Consider how you can leverage all of your knowledge, wisdom, and experience to make more of it. And then, take action in that direction.

Sometimes the action is simply thought and focus and then opportunities present themselves. Taking action is means you’re thinking about achieving what you desire and you feel good while you’re going after them.

Focus on creating more money. 
Often by focusing your thoughts and energy, you’ll shift that focus of the 50 to 60 bits of information coming in per second to be pieces of data that are appealing to you. This is a grand gesture to the unconscious mind — it doesn’t know the difference between a dollar, a hundred dollars, or a million dollars. It’s the emotion behind it. 

Every time you create a good feeling around money, you’re adding layers of complexity to your blueprint of success. And the more you practice this, the better you’ll get. And over time, little by little, as you repeat these processes, you’ll get closer to mastery. 

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