Episode 127

5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love


Episode 127

5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

We’ve just completed our 21-Day NLP Abundance Breakthrough. It was everything I had hoped — and more! After going live nearly every day for three weeks, I was running on empty and in need of a break. When I slowed down and pressed pause, I realized what I was craving most — gentle loving-kindness towards myself.


I’m not talking about self-care. Nor am I talking about eating well, going to the gym, or getting enough sleep. I’m good about that sort of routine self-care.


What was missing was a deeper, more gentle connection with myself. 


That deeper kind of self-love, for me, comes from an assumption that I’m worthy. I don’t have to wait or do anything or reach some level of “perfection” before I’m worthy of self-love. Perfection doesn’t exist in the real world. I exist, therefore I am worthy. 


Self-love is a state of being. Today I’m sharing ways to cultivate more of that deep self-love:


  1. Have self-awareness. Be aware of what you’re thinking, feeling, and what you want. Be curious about these things without passing judgment. Then ask if those things serve you. If they don’t, you can work to change your feelings, thoughts, and desires to something that does serve you.
  2. Practice loving, compassionate self-care. Practicing big-picture self-care isn’t about having a set way of doing things. Compassionate self-care lets you gauge what will best serve you in your moment-to-moment experience. It’s having the flexibility to meet yourself, with compassion, where you are right now.    
  3. Take responsibility for your wellbeing. Accept that you’re responsible for your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 
  4. Set healthy boundaries. Know when it’s appropriate to say yes and no. Find a balance and honor your boundaries.
  5. Celebrate your progress and your wins. Your unconscious mind is like a small child. The more you communicate to your unconscious mind what you want, what you like, how you want to feel, the more it will bring the essence of those things into your experience.


Self-love is so much more than feeling good. It’s about having a deep appreciation for yourself and meeting yourself where you are right now. 

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