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A Crucial Paradigm Shift for a Changing World

A big part of my work involves harnessing the power of the unconscious mind. But retaining our focus requires a lot of repetition. It’s not hard. It just demands a time investment. After all, we usually have to address decades-old neural programming. 

I’ve been busy doing the 1:1 coaching work that allows people to take their life to that next amazing level, and it’s been remarkably rewarding. It was an adjustment to settle into doing this work 100% online as opposed to having a mix of face-to-face appointments in my office.

I’ve been making changes to do my work in this situation, and you probably are too. 

This article is all keeping our power while everything seems to be shifting around us. 

Maybe you’ve heard me mention the prosperity program I’ve been creating over the past several months — the program ties into the premise of everything that I do. 

I shared one of the hypnosis audios from the program with some of my clients for feedback. 

It’s 45 minutes (the longest audio in the course), and what I heard back was surprising — while they loved it and felt how it would lead to their inner transformation, 45 minutes is a long time. 

Here’s what some folks said to me:

“Do you have a shorter version of this?”
“I don’t have a 45-minute block of time.”
“This is too long. The kids are hungry, and the dog is barking.”

What I was suggesting was that my clients find just 45 minutes in a 24 hour day to carve out time to put themselves first.

And I get it. We’re pulled in so many directions; it’s difficult to make a consistent time investment in ourselves. Still, we get to choose how we spend our time.

You know me, I love getting to the bottom of things, so, naturally, I launched an investigation with some clients who “didn’t have enough time.” 

Here’s what I found — “time” wasn’t the issue. They were spending plenty of time doing unresourceful things. They were procrastinating, putting things off, and feeling overwhelmed. In the course of their day, there was a significant amount of time-wasting going on.

When I dug even deeper, I uncovered this lie (prepare to reject-delete this idea) —  “I’m not worth the time.” Of course, nobody actually says that, but it shows up in the form of, “there are other more important things,” and, “I’ll do it if I can fit in.”

When we waste time or engage in unresourceful things, we’re giving our power and our ability to be in charge of our results.

Our power comes from inside and it’s up to each of us to actualize it.

Power isn’t something we just “get” and then live because, if you think of conditioning we’ve experienced as children, events along the way caused us to feel disempowered, sometimes in debilitating ways.

My suggestion is this…

Look at what you want to change in your life, and commit to making it happen. Let that be your number one priority because the choices you make today have a direct impact on the future life you get to live.

I know, I know — even as I’m saying it, there’s a voice that says, “But what about the kids, my partner, my job?” Making changes can feel uncomfortable.

I promise you that you’re worth getting up an hour earlier, skipping an hour of Netflix, or forgoing an hour scrolling social media

My questions for you: 

Is the time dedicated to creating the life you want to live important enough for you to actively focus on doing the work to achieve it? Is that change you want to see a month from now, a year from now, or 10 years from now worth the effort?

The paradigm shift I’m inviting you to make here is to know that we’re the ones leading our lives. 

We’re the ones with true power over our lives. 

Now, do we choose to give it away? 

We sure do – sometimes consciously and other times, we do it unconsciously.

This paradigm shift is about…

  • Loving yourself first instead of waiting for someone to love you
  • Seeing how you can become financially independent versus waiting for someone to provide for you 
  • Knowing and tapping into the resources inside for you to create an environment that feels good 
  • Understanding that you were born worthy, loved, and whole
  • Trusting that everything you want starts inside, that you have to do the work from inside, and nobody is going to save you from yourself because your fate is ultimately up to you.

We have to do the work. 

We have to take charge. 

We have to be responsible for the change (even when we choose not to change).

If you enjoyed this article, get the full experience by taking the time for yourself and listening to this — episode #63 of The Mind Revolution Podcast: A Crucial Paradigm Shift for a Changing World

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