To get where you’re going next you need to change and grow.

You’re a big-hearted individual who changes lives and has big goals in business and in your personal life. And while you’re no stranger to the self-help section and you’ve had some success, it’s been inconsistent ever since.

Or every time you hit a new goal, it wasn’t as satisfying as you thought.

And you know that deep down that’s it’s really hard to help your clients achieve something that you can’t believe you can achieve yourself.


It’s Time to Believe

And it’s time for you to show up in your life and in your business as the one who’s in control.


I’m Brenda Terry.

I’m a master coach and trainer who works with business owners and professionals who know they’re meant for more, yet have mindset blocks standing in their way. They want to make more money, land higher level clients, and to change lives.

Using NLP, I teach them how to change the beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that aren’t supporting them so that they can reach their goals, and make more money while serving their clients and find more joy in all areas of their lives.

My Personal Breakthrough

I understand where you are, because I’ve been there, and I’ve climbed out the other side smiling with a thriving business. 

I’ve been in business for myself for over 25 years, and it didn’t always feel good. Relentlessly driven, I’ve always had a tendency to go for it, regardless of how much I knew or didn’t know — and I’d often ignore the noise of others’ opinions to accomplish my goals. I had some big daydreams, and even though I was making plenty of money and my life looked great on the outside, I knew it wasn’t quite right.

Setting out in search of change and freedom.

Growing up, there was little or no room for self-expression, broader perspective, or creativity. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old and left me for several years in the care of my superhero grandmother who worked day and night (literally) to provide for us. At the age of 12, I was reunited with my mother and immigrated to the US from Mexico.

When I arrived in America, I had to find my way. I didn’t speak the language or understand the culture. As a bit of an oddball and loner, I spent my high school years eating lunch usually on my own or in the library or helping out in special ed classrooms. On top of it all, I was socially awkward and timid — a winning combination for popularity.

Although I wanted to live differently, I often found myself walking a comfortable, yet familiar path.

My first significant change was when I realized I could make more money by working in a commission-based position, so at 20, I quit college and got my real estate license not knowing a thing about real estate and even less about sales. I was terrible at sales — seriously the worst! I started studying the sales greats in an attempt to get better. 

In my personal life, I was 29 with two children, and as a newly single mother, I really stepped into my entrepreneurship shoes. I opened a business, got my broker’s license, and opened a small brokerage where I focused on listing and selling distressed properties. I sold piles of houses, then moved on to flip them. I was doing exceptionally well, and seven years later, fell in love and got remarried. This was also when I began to learn about mindfulness, meditation and focused thinking.

The crash.

Now, growing a successful real estate business, the real estate market crashed, and I lost everything, including my new husband. I had no money and nothing to do while the market tumbled down around me, so I took a few weeks to collect myself. During this time, I read a lot, deepened my meditation practice, and began to restructure from the inside out. With two young children to support I had no choice but to succeed somehow. 

I pivoted my business to focus on short-sales and foreclosures and found a way to thrive again in business while also helping struggling individuals. A few years later, when the market settled, I dusted off the muck from the whole debacle and rebuilt our lives and my business and, eventually, fell in love again.


I became stronger, fuller, and more whole.

I had been working myself ragged for years in a business that although rewarded me financially and was fun, it was not the work I loved. My body was screaming at me through my jam-packed schedule, insomnia, and three bouts of pneumonia in just two years. I finally listened, and it was then that I realized that my health and my relationships with the people I love needed to climb to the top of the list because, for me, it’s those things that will provide the greatest payoff, personal satisfaction, and joy in the long run.

When I decided to put people first, all kinds of new doors (and even some windows) swung open.

It was as if I had my head in the sand all these years and when I finally came up gasping for air, I noticed all these resources and opportunities that I didn’t have access to when I was buried in work. In my search for stability, security and freedom, I cut myself off from fun, inspiration, passion, and creativity. It took some time, but I now recognize the many U-turns, stops, and starts as part of the work that lead to greater self-awareness and expansion. 

Every inward turn got me closer to where I am now. Through deliberate focus in my deep work with personal development and business training, I discovered a new way of being. One of the biggest double-doors that opened, showed me what I was looking for all this time. In 2013, I discovered powerful and advanced techniques that let me untangle all my unhealthy patterns and emotional blocks. This work, called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) helped me remove all of the learned behaviors, habits, beliefs and thoughts that were blocking me from creating the life I envisioned.

It transformed my life.

I gained more clarity, new direction, and finally released all the negative emotions and old beliefs that were seriously holding me back. I learned to understand the power behind the thoughts I think and the words I say — both out loud and in my head. I realized that hoping, talking, and thinking about what I wanted for myself — although it felt good at the time, didn’t get me there. Instead, I committed to taking massive action and then more action to lead to the higher vision and the belief that, YES! I can and will rock this life thing! I believed in this process so much that I trained to become an NLP Trainer and Master Coach, a Time Line Therapy® Trainer, and an instructor of Hypnotherapy.

I’ve spent 30 years finding my way, learning and growing as I turned over each stone and ventured around each corner. Today, I appreciate the years I spent in my business because it helped me figure out what I truly wanted. I may not have had that kind of clarity had I not spent all of those years seeking. It may have taken me a while to get here, but every turn on the journey contributed greatly to my massive arsenal of knowledge.

Now, I get to work with hundreds of clients, helping them find their way and thrive in their personal lives and in their work. This deep experience all brings me to right here, right now, where I can help you.


The state of your business is a reflection of the state of your mind.

How you think, what you believe, the words you use — they all affect the quality of your life. Using advanced human transformation tools and techniques, including NLP,  I help you uncover the arrangement of your thoughts so you can take back control of your unconscious patterns and finally get what you crave out of your life. It’s about you making changes exactly where you are and then seeing where that leads. Because I use NLP to make changes at the unconscious level—changes last.

Just because I spent 30 years getting to this place, doesn’t mean you need to take 30 years to get the same life-changing results.

The process is enjoyable, comfortable—and damn fast.

Making a shift doesn’t mean you’ll have to leave your partner, sell all your possessions and meditate on a mountaintop. Nor will it create a frictionless, painless, let’s all hold hands, sing, and dance experience. Instead, you’ll feel more connected to yourself and your soul, so that you can find more joy in your day-to-day life experience and make big, meaningful change — change that will completely transform the work you do and the impact you have on the world. 

I believe in you and your story, and I can’t wait to witness your transformation. 

And by the way, I guarantee you’ll get results. 

Extraordinary things happen when we commit to take charge of our lives.

And while it takes some serious mental power to heal and to change, I’m here as your facilitator, expert tour guide, and way-shower on your journey of personal transformation. 

Together, we’ll find your individual way to make the change you want and we’ll do it in a way that sticks.

You have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill, and you don’t need to turn your life upside down to live it now.

Does that sound delightful?

Breakthrough Coaching was created to help you learn how to access the resources you already have and then show you how to use them to make big shifts in your life and make a positive impact overall.

Enough about me, let’s turn you into the entrepreneur of your daydreams.

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