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Better Life? Invest In Yourself First

Let’s talk about an important investment. And nope — it has nothing to do with your finances or retirement plan. 

This is way more important and runs much deeper than money. 

The most important investment in your life — is you. 

We’re talking about investing in yourself.

I know — all this talk about self-care and loving yourself might feel kind of tiring. The problem is that we’re conditioned to think that focusing on ourselves means being self-absorbed. This isn’t true. 

When you take care of your needs first, only then can you bring your best to the people around you.

When you’re focused on responding to the needs of those around you, you’re going to find yourself running on empty with little to nothing of substance to give to anyone.

And when we’re running on empty, it can feel frustrating and discouraging. We may even find ourselves in the middle of a funk, and wishing our circumstances and the people around us would change. 

From conditioning, we’ve also learned to believe that if something outside of us will change — it will all change. If your partner will just pick up their dirty laundry, or if your boss will just take some stuff off your plate, it will all improve. The problem here is that we’re focusing on everyone else instead of ourselves. 

We might find ourselves feeling down when we realize we’ve been talking about a goal or a change for a long time. Maybe we’re talking about losing weight, yet we still haven’t developed an exercise routine. Perhaps we don’t love our jobs and have a passion for another business we’d love to start — and yet the idea sits, waiting for “someday.” 

Maybe we’re even wishing we could make more money so that we can pay off debt, go on that dream vacation, or finally own a home we love.

When this is going on, what we’re really longing for is control of ourselves. 

And the only one who can control you, is you. 

I have appointments with prospective clients all the time. And I always know who’s going to be a client and who’s not. My clients are the ones who are willing to invest in themselves and commit to making the change they want, happen. They’re willing to do the work, especially when they know it’s uncomfortable

Committing means money and time — and making it happen. That commitment is fueled solely by the deep desire for growth and for change. Nothing else. So you do all the work involved to achieve the goal, and you commit to doing the work.

Let’s look at some common scenarios. 

Scenario #1. You want things to change — to start a business, have a better relationship with your partner, get in shape — but you do nothing. You’re just going to wait for now and hope the situation will get better with time. 

Now imagine things a week from now, a month from now, a year from now, 5 years from now, and 20 years from now. What are the chances that anything changed in the way you hoped? How do you feel about the likely outcome?

Scenario #2. You decide to focus on one or two key aspects of personal development and do the work to grow.

Now visualize the results. Imagine how things might be different a month from now, a year from now, 5 years from now, and 20 years from now. How does it feel to achieve those specific results? How would achieving them affect your life?

Scenario #3. You create a lifestyle of focusing on your personal growth and development, creating time to focus on continual personal improvement.

Imagine the repercussions from this type of focus on yourself a month from now, a year from now, 5 years from now, and 20 years from now. How does it feel? What do you think you could accomplish? How would that affect the quality of your life?

Now, let me ask you this: Which scenario would be to your greatest benefit and make you happiest? Which scenario would benefit those you love most? Which scenario would be best for your greater community and even the world?

“Okay, okay, Brenda, you’ve made your point. But how can I actually make that happen?”

The formula is simple. Not easy, but simple. Begin by controlling the things you can control.

  1. Focus on self-care.
    Eat well; sleep well; pray or meditate; connect with yourself, and be patient with yourself. Looking after yourself means reminding yourself of your progress, loving yourself a little more every day, and taking it easy on yourself. It also means practicing patience with others because it all comes back to you.
  2. Identify just one thing you want to change.
    Choose your goal and focus. Goals in NLP are measurable, meaningful and achievable.


    Starting today, choose one simple thing you’re going to change. Maybe it will mean creating balance by giving attention to whatever is most out of balance at any given moment. Choose one thing and direct all your focus to that.

    By choosing one area to focus on, over time, your unconscious mind just begins to follow along and expects that the next time you apply focus to something different, it will be easier. You’re training your brain to help make it easier for you to change!

  1. Take action.
    Anything you do requires deliberate action. Choose the action you’ll do daily. I suggest daily tasks and activities to support you in achieving the goals in your plan.

    The most encompassing thing about all of this is that the entire time you’re going to be controlling your state, because all of this works when you feel good. Feeling good is crucial. If I don’t feel good, I won’t even send an email or reply to a text message. When your state is good, positive, and resourceful, you’ll project out the good stuff to get good stuff back. And then, remember to celebrate your success and build momentum.

Investing in you is going to be the number one most significant investment you can make because from there, you’re going to have the power to give so much more. And even more, you’re teaching the people in your life that this is possible.

We’re not designed to stay stagnant. We’re designed to move, to grow, to create, to impact. It all starts with you taking care of you. 

Let’s go even deeper into investing in yourself! Head over to The Mind Revolution Podcast and press play on episode #53: The Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make.

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