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Big Money Dreams? Get Your Unconscious Mind on Board First

Chances are you’ve got some money goals — whether they’re substantial, small, or somewhere in between, they’re uniquely yours. 

Whatever your goals look like is personal to you. In this article, we’re going to have fun and dream BIG with our financial goals. 

It’s important to know that when it comes to getting a lift from your unconscious mind to make changes in your life, there’s such a thing as planning too big

Your unconscious mind is also your best friend when it comes to helping you out — it’s the friend you can count on to help you with your stickiest business problem or the family member you can call when you’re in a funk.

Making intentional change is difficult. 

We need all the support we can get to create lasting change in our lives. And since our unconscious mind delivers our reality, it must be fully on board with the changes we want to make.

This is the case when it comes to all areas of our life, and with money, it’s simply easier to measure. 

Say you set a money goal that you’ve programmed your unconscious mind to believe is unattainable. If your financial goal feels outlandish, no matter how focused you are or how hard you hustle, you’re not going to get the support you need from the unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind will only get on board when it sees the goal as attainable (based on existing programming or conditioning).

Pretend you want to make $30,000 a month, and the month prior, you made $3,000. That’s a gigantic leap, and you won’t find me squashing anyone’s big dreams. If you haven’t come close to making $30,000 a month yet, your unconscious mind could have a hard time creating the neurology to support you. 

So what’s a dreamer to do? Set smaller goals? 

No. Keep dreaming big and keep making those goals — you’re just going to go after them in a different way than you might have in the past.

Step 1: Create a solid foundation for achieving goals

If you’ve been focused on the things you don’t have and how not getting what you want sucks and is unfair, it’s hard for your unconscious mind to think that you really believe good things happen to you.

For you to achieve your financial goals, first we need to lay a reliable foundation for success so that you can begin to duplicate your efforts. Creating a solid foundation means working to let go of any limiting beliefs, especially around money that might unconsciously be holding you back.

These are all the stories you’ve heard since you were small, usually from caregivers, family, and friends. These unconscious limiting beliefs become your thoughts that run the show behind the scenes. And unless you’ve spent time examining what you believe and why you believe what you do, you may never have even realized where they came from.

Once you do this, you can begin to rewrite your money story and set some new goals.

Step 2: Set a small, believable, achievable goal with a clear deadline. 

The unconscious mind is here to serve you — it’s doing what you think you want it to do because you’ve done it for so long. This is about teaching the unconscious mind that what you want to achieve is now different than what you’ve achieved in the past.

If the idea of your new goal sets of an internal fire alarm in your brain, it might be saying, “We’re in danger! Stop!” This is why it’s important to control your state and emotions. You have a better chance of achieving your goals when your mind is in a calm state. If you’re a parent (4-legged furry friends count too), then you’ve witnessed the power of positive reinforcement.

Going back to the $30,000 a month example, let’s say we’ll set a smaller believable goal of $4,500 a month. And once you achieve that, we can go up to $8,000 a month and grow from there. This is how I help my clients very quickly get to double, triple, and even quadruple their income. And it only happens when the goal is believable to your conscious and your unconscious mind because ultimately, this is about conscious mind and unconscious mind integration, where you want both of them working in your favor. 

Smart goals, according to NLP are attainable, specific, simple, measurable, and meaningful.  You’ll also want to speak about your goal in positive, toward language. 

Step 3: Focus on the very last step of the goal.

Focus on the final step, the task or event that would occur right before the completion of your goal. How will you know when you’ve realized your goal? Internalize that precise moment so that it’s comfortable and familiar to your unconscious mind. Maybe it’s a phone call where a prospect turns into a client or an email notification that a client paid an invoice, or receiving a check in the mailbox. 

And then finally, take a step in the direction of your goal as if it’s already happened. Remember, your unconscious mind thrives on repetition so revisit the image in your mind about you achieving the final step of your goal over and over again. Notice the feelings and emotions that are present as you complete the final step before realizing your goal.

The beauty of this work is that as you take action toward your goal, you’re going to notice all the helpful resources coming your way. It’s a gentle process that begins to shift momentum and really seeps into every area of your life.

Once my clients get this process down, they begin to see improvements in every area of their lives because they learn how to set an expectation for good things to happen. 

Ok, so you’ve reached your goal! Now what?

When you’ve reached your goal, set a bigger one, and do the process again. Success breeds success. This is how you make small changes and see significant results — and usually in less time than you’d imagine.

Deciding to make a deliberate change and going after big financial results involves marrying your conscious and unconscious minds. You can logically make a decision with your conscious brain, and to get the message into the unconscious mind, you need baby steps — believable, attainable steps.  

To explore small changes for big money results further, pop in your earbuds and listen to episode #28 of The Mind Revolution Podcast: Small Change for Big Financial Results. 

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