Episode 122

Disrupting Your Limiting Money Story


Episode 122

Disrupting Your Limiting Money Story

People are social creatures, and we organize ourselves into cultures, societies, governments, groups. And here’s the thing about these groups — most people here are living in a self-sacrificial environment. At an unconscious level, we’re taught that the individual is subservient to the group, and the group is more important than the individual.


Is it any wonder that most of us have a hard time embracing our desires and dreams when we’ve been conditioned to feel guilty and selfish if we expend too much energy going after what we want?


In today’s episode, we scratch the surface of Clare Graves’ Values work. Clare Graves’ work is less about individual values and more about thinking systems. The foundational values level systems are rooted in self-sacrifice or aggressive, shoot-myself-in-the-foot type of self-expression. 


It’s not until Values Level (VL) 5 (there are at least 8 values levels) that we get into expressive values with win-win scenarios. It’s a level where individualistic, “selfish” behavior isn’t viewed as being at odds with the group’s prosperity. This is huge! Especially for entrepreneurs, coaches, and commissioned salespeople.  


It’s my goal to help all of my entrepreneurial clients and students transition into a solid VL5. Here you can begin to really live — guilt-free — from a place of abundance, of recognizing that it won’t take anything away from anyone else. And the nature of VL5 allows for more curiosity which usually leads to more introspective work and deeper spiritual connections.


Is Values Level 5 all there is? Hardly. But according to Clare Grave’s model, we can’t fully evolve to more complex levels until we’ve actualized the previous ones. Transitioning out of the sacrificial levels and firmly into a more resourcefully expressive level is key to your personal and financial evolution. 


Yep, Values Levels play an unconscious role in your money story. The story creates internal systems and environments that affect your decision-making. 


And you can interrupt unhelpful stories by…

  • Remembering that it’s just a story
  • Interrupting the story with reject-delete and something that makes you laugh
  • Imagining the power that once belonged to the story is coming back to you, where it belongs
  • Taking action that aligns with what you want


You are the author of your money story. If the story you’re currently running isn’t serving you, change it. 


To learn more about how to do this, join our upcoming 21-day NLP abundance breakthrough. It’s free, and it’s powerful. Make your money story one that you want to live.

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