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Turning Inward to Move Through Your Stuck Places

We’ve talked about pattern interrupts before. It’s a tool we use in NLP to get out of neural ruts, to break out of those processes that we run automatically that aren’t serving us.  A pattern interrupt is a powerful tool for retraining your unconscious mind. 

In these days of hunkering at home while we wait out this virus, the universe has basically given us a big ‘ol pattern interrupt! (See my optimistic side coming out here?) Many of us have noticed some less-than-desirable things that, in our normal day-to-day routine, we were blinded to. 

Hello, opportunity! 

You may be seeing areas in your life where you seem to be stuck. They might be unhealthy habits or thought patterns or just that sense that you know something valuable is missing. You’re seeing, perhaps more than ever, that you’re not living your best life. 

How do you know if you’re stuck? Check your….

  • EMOTIONS. Are you feeling good? Where is your focus? Does what you’re focusing on feel good?  
  • BELIEFS. Identify beliefs that don’t serve you. Remember, you are living the essence of your beliefs. 
  • STRATEGIES. Become aware of how the strategies you’re running (beliefs, patterns, etc.) are dictating your results.

If you are feeling stuck, don’t despair, friend! 

Now is the time to look inward and to tap into your Superconscious Mind. The Superconscious Mind is also known as your higher self, or your soul. Tap into the part of yourself that holds all your wishes, desires, all the things that you want to achieve. It’s in there. It’s part of you. And it communicates with your unconscious mind.

I know what you’re thinking. But, Brenda, if my higher self is in touch with my unconscious mind, why are those good things not my life experience right now? 

Remember, the unconscious mind is at the mercy of your conscious programming. That’s why we use the conscious mind to reprogram the unconscious mind. It’s not hard. It just takes some time and repetition. 

Back to turning inward…

To help you tap into the Superconscious Mind, I have an exercise for you. You could do this exercise focusing on your life as a whole or just around a single area where you feel stuck.

  • Write a list of the things you want in life, including work, your relationships, experiences…
  • Now, using the power of your unconscious mind (which is responsible for involuntary movements), rapidly rank your list.
  • Rewrite your list in the order of importance.
  • Become aware that you are in tune with your unconscious mind by recalling your childhood address or your first-grade teacher’s name — something that you know lives in the unconscious part of the brain
  • Instruct your conscious mind that you want to open communication with Superconscious Mind.
  • Write, stream-of-conscious style, answering the question, “What is my purpose?” (or it could be a question related to your work/business or something else). Keep writing until you feel empty.
  • Then write, answering the question, “What will living this purpose do for me?” Write until there’s nothing left.
  • Then write, answering the question, “What will me living this purpose do for others?” Write until there’s nothing left.
  • Then write, answering the question, “How will living this purpose make me feel?” Write until there’s nothing left.
  • Put your list away for a while.
  • When you come back to it, see if you can identify anything that you can take action on now. Focus especially on the how-I-would-feel part. Do something that makes you feel that way.


Tapping into your higher self is a powerful tool for getting unstuck and moving in the direction you want to go. There is power there. And it’s always with you. You just need to become aware of it.  


Thanks for listening!


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Episode Transcript

Brenda:  Hey there. Welcome to Episode 60 of the Mind Revolution Podcast. I am your host, Brenda Terry. A big, warm thank you to you for tuning in today. And my wish for you, as always, is that wherever you are and whatever it is that you find yourself doing right now, that you are feeling a sense of peace and calm and that you may be even feeling a sense of joy in some ways. Maybe you’re looking for those silver linings and finding them in this situation, because here we are. One more week of being in it. And I’m right there with you.

Things here in Reno have been interesting. Quiet, to say the least. I think I’ve only gone to my backyard recently because I have a cough, and so I don’t want to scare anybody out there. So for me, it’s important to just say home. Now, I had the same cough last year because Reno just has a thing with pollen. Very, very high. And there’s something called rabbitbrush which, apparently, I don’t do well with yet. So working on that.

So my focus has been to stay home, and Ron has been the hunter-gatherer in our family over the last month or so. So he’s the one that’s going out there picking up stuff and doing the things that we need to do.

And it’s been very interesting. It’s an interesting experience to be so isolated, in a way, from the people that matter so much to me, and, at the same time, feel so connected, because I think that when you look at human nature, we are made to be together. I think that we’re designed to be in groups. I think that we’re designed to have community. We’re designed to have that connection, and that connection fills us up.

Right now we’re doing it in different ways.

I am texting and speaking with my clients more than ever — my mom, my kids. Ron and I are together 24 hours a day except for those runs to the store. I can tell you that my relationship with my dog has improved. I find him completely adorable now where before I thought he was just a little rascal.

So I think that there’s more compassion all the way around, and I’m hoping that you’re finding some of that in your life, and if you’re not finding it, I’m going to suggest to you and invite you to look for it, because it’s out there. When you look at the people in the world right now, the one thing that I want you to keep in mind is that everybody is doing the best they can with the resources they have. And in this time, more people are looking out for themselves than they are for others. And that’s just human nature.

So I invite you to rise above that and just see it for what it is. It’s just people doing what they can to get through.

And this episode is about you getting through and identifying some things that could potentially be going on inside for you that are keeping you in places where you don’t want to be, especially right now.

Now, for sure, I’m an optimist. For sure. I can tell you that I took our Purely Positive Quiz, and my result was that of a trailblazer. Now a trailblazer is someone who just goes for it. They don’t even see the red flags.

This has worked out in my life pretty darn well, but it’s gotten me in trouble too because I don’t see potential pitfalls. I just see the thing that I want to see. My mom used to tell me all the time, “Brenda, when you want something, you can’t see anything else.”

And my question to her was always, “How is that a problem? I don’t see a problem with that.”

So I’m an optimist, and I think that helps in my position and in the work that I do. I see the good in people. I see the potential. I don’t buy into limitations of other people at all. Sometimes I buy into my own limitations, but I’m only there momentarily for the most part and then find a way to get myself out.

In all of this work, I think that the process of being this optimistic self has allowed me to do digging when it comes to potential, when it comes to how to connect with the thing that we’re here to do. It’s allowed me to really invest in learning. It’s allowed me to invest in myself and my self-improvement, and it’s created the sense of determination that is just so powerful for me, because if I have anything going on for me that’s working out really well, it’s my determination.

And as I’m doing the work with my clients, I see this in them too.

I have a feeling that if you’re here listening, you have this too. You’re listening here for a reason. You could be listening to something else. You could be putting on some music on the radio or on your music app. You could be right this minute watching the news which is just going on 24 hours a day on every single station. You could be having an argument with somebody. You could be pushing against something. But no, you’re here. You’re listening.

So I believe that if you’re here, you, my friend, are my projection, and I am yours. We’re in it together.

So in the conversations that I’ve had with some clients in the last couple of weeks, especially now because now we’re in the forefront of things. It’s right in front of our face. We cannot deny it. So then we’re facing the parts of ourselves that a lot of the times we get to ignore — right now.

So if you think of our day-to-day lives, we are conditioned to get up, do our work, make it through the day. If you’re outside work and you come home, you have dinner, you take care of the kids, you take care of your pets, you do whatever it is that you do in the evening, and then you go to sleep, and then you get up and you do it again. That’s how we’re conditioned. That’s how it is that life happens.

You get up in the morning, you have your routine, you finish your routine at the end of the day.

And a lot of the times we can do that half asleep. The by half asleep, I mean as in not being conscious of what’s happening. We’re doing it, for the most part, unconsciously.

And now, because we have literally been put in this big ol’ pattern interrupt, which means we’re not doing things the way that we used to. However we did our routines, that’s over and done with. So what a beautiful thing — right? — from the point of view of opportunity.

And I get it too that you could be thinking “Well, it’s not beautiful for me.”

Listen, it’s not beautiful for any of us if you just look at it from the things that we’re missing.

But hear what I’m talking about — because remember, I’m an optimist, so I’m going to have to go there — is that the opportunity that is present for us to begin to identify the things that could be going on that are keeping us from living our best lives and being our best self.

And not “best self” as in you’re not that already but simply connecting with what that means. So it’s all about identifying those stuck places. I’ve had this conversation a lot over the last couple of weeks.

I think that we’re going to get to those places where we bump up against that stuckness inside, where we feel stuck. We feel like something is keeping us from being the thing that we’re supposed to be. I think that we’re going to bump up against that more and more now than we have in the past because we have, in a lot of ways, less distractions that were helping throughout the day in our day-to-day half-conscious life experience because we were just doing the things that we just did.

So, how do we identify that, and for what purpose? What’s the purpose of that?

Well, the purpose, number one, is going to be to get you to begin to take this experience and extract the goodness out of it. Find some goodness in there for you so that you can then use it and apply it to your life on the other side, because on the other side of this, we are going to get back to life. Now life will be different because, by definition, significant emotional events shift our view of the world. They shift our perspective.

And depending on how we take the event — meaning right now what’s happening in the world, all the hardship that’s going on, all the things that we’re seeing — we can take that and use it to create a downward spiral where we begin to lose hope, where we begin to lose faith in the world, where we feel even more defensive than ever, where we feel more irritated than ever, where we begin to buy into those limitations about ourselves, or we can take it as an opportunity to check in.

I think there’s no better time than right now for us to look inward, to look inward and begin to tap into the part of ourselves that we hardly ever tap into.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Superconscious Mind and what it means, what the Superconscious Mind stands for. Just by definition, from the point of view of NLP, when we talk about the Superconscious Mind, we talk about it being the higher self or what you could consider your soul. You could even call it that connection to God.

Now I don’t talk about this stuff a lot here because when I first started this podcast, the thing that I wanted you to do the most was to begin to connect with your unconscious mind and use the power that’s there to help you create outcomes here consciously that you can be aware of.

Now the Superconscious Mind communicates directly with the unconscious mind, and it’s where all the things that you want… So when you think of Law of Attraction, that’s what that is. It’s the part of you that holds within it all of your wishes, all of your desires, all the things that you want to achieve — your perfect health, your most beautiful relationships, the way that you wish right now that you could see yourself, the life experience that you want, all of that, all of the strategies, all of the components, all the pieces of that are in the Superconscious Mind. And they’re being communicated to the unconscious mind, but, however, the unconscious mind is at the mercy of your conscious programming. That’s why you’re not living the essence of what that is.

But there is a way to get in there and start building and growing that relationship because it is just an extension of you. All of this is connected.

I remember when I learned about the unconscious mind I honestly thought it was somewhere outside somewhere.

Now there’s a great talk on YouTube by Rupert Sheldrake, which was banned for a while, by the way — it’s a TEDTalk — where he talks about the mind being outside of the body. And even if you look at Rick Hanson, what he talks about is that the mind is the result of brain activity. So it’s not brain activity.

So, yeah, you have all of that going on out there, but here… I’m telling you something that is usually not shared in NLP, but in doing this work, I have had to tap into parts of myself that I usually don’t either in delivering the message. And I’m getting to a place that feels closer and closer to what I call truth. Because if you think of Superconscious Mind, your Superconscious Mind, that is where truth lives.

There are no negative emotions. There are no limiting beliefs. It just simply knows that you are here. You are worthy. You are abundant. You are prosperous already. Love is guaranteed. You don’t have to earn anything.

Now, the work in having a physical experience is for us to learn to connect and align with that, which is when I started the podcast. The purpose, for me, in showing you how to connect to your unconscious mind and doing everything I could within my power to help you tap in and turn inward just a little bit so you can become familiar with that connection.

And then hoping that on the other side you could be asking yourself “Where did that come from really?”

Well, it comes from all the things that you have been hoping for and wishing for and desiring that are in your Superconscious Mind, and all of it being an extension of you.

In other words, the conscious mind, if you think of the conscious mind being 5% of all brain activity — 5 to 8 if you were really generous, 8% — and unconscious mind being 95% of all brain activity, that means that if, when you’re really outwardly focused, as so many of us are, especially right now, when you think of the senses how when we are compelled from a sensory standpoint, it’s really easy to maintain focus there. And isn’t that what’s going on right now in the world?

And yet that’s only a fraction of what’s available to you. However, the conscious mind is just so strong because it is managing the senses. We’re feeling things. We’re seeing things. We’re hearing things. All of that. We’re tasting things. We’re smelling things. That is way more compelling than tapping into something that feels invisible, that is invisible. We can’t see it. You’re not going to hear it. And the way to get around it is to know and trust that it is there and present.

So even though you’re not going to see or hear or feel — as in touch — or taste or smell your unconscious mind, isn’t it still there? Of course it is. It’s breathing for you right now.

It’s making sure that the organs are functioning well. It’s making sure that blood flow is getting to where it needs to be. It’s blinking your eyes. It’s moving your hands. It’s doing all those involuntary movements. Like right now I’m just moving from side to side. I’m not doing that consciously. That’s the unconscious mind doing it. How does it know which muscle needs to go where and move in which way in order for me to make the movement? The same thing for you.

You can’t see it. You can’t hear it. You can’t touch it. You can’t taste it, and you can’t smell it. But is it there and present? Absolutely.

And the other part when we’re going into super consciousness, it is just the same present, and it is all an extension of you. It is not outside of you. It is not way above, way out there. It isn’t. It’s in there inside.

How do we identify where we’re at?

When we talk about stuck places, they’re going to happen in three ways.

The very first way for you to identify a stuck place, where you know that you’re focusing on the thing that you’re wanting — and you’ve got to know that in here we talk about focus every single episode. If you know that the unconscious mind is communicating with you through emotions, then when you are feeling a positive emotion, that’s your unconscious mind letting you know, “Hey, dude, we’re on track. Keep going. It feels good.”

So when you get the feeling that tells you you feel good, then you’re doing well, and you’re focusing on what you want, which then allows you to then really work with your unconscious mind to create the neural networks that are going to support you in achieving more of what you want.

And when you’re not feeling good… And not feeling good could be a huge range. You could go from a little uneasy to a little uncertain. You can go to a little fearful to really fearful. And you can go into all of those things when you go into self-doubt, whatever the emotion is that feels like it slows you down.

So in that moment, you’re going to be in a place that is keeping you stuck. That’s a stuck place.

Now really important to acknowledge that you’re feeling this thing and checking in with your unconscious mind because it is still communication from your unconscious mind letting you know that you’re not focusing on what you want. That’s it.

However, when you’re in there and noticing that stuck feeling around a negative emotion, you’re going to get information about the reason behind the negative emotion to begin with.

It could be something like something is happening that’s not honoring my value. Now, value, as in, the thing that’s important for you. Not value as in your worth as a human being, which could be the same thing. If you value yourself as a human being in a specific way, that means that there’s a value behind it, something that is important to you, that you’re connecting to your self-worth.

So the stuck place in emotion could be there’s something that is happening that is not honoring something I value. Or it could be the negative emotion, “Right now I’m thinking a thought that doesn’t allow me to focus on what I want.” And then you ask your unconscious mind to let you know what that thought is.

And we have resources on our free resource page to help you work with your unconscious mind to rewrite negative thoughts. So then you do that.

We have resources in there to help you identify the things that are important to you and how to rewrite the beliefs around these things that are important to you so that you can communicate with your unconscious mind in a way that’s going to up you do better in the doing of the things that you do from day to day.

So that’s how we identify that stuck place when it comes to your emotion.

Now the second way that stuck places show up for us is going to be through our beliefs. And our beliefs are going to be simply the things that we hold as true.

Now beliefs are conscious and unconscious. So you could have a belief that’s very conscious. Like you could believe that the sky is blue. You could believe that the sun will come out tomorrow. You can believe that green light, when you get to a stoplight, means that you get to go, and red means that you get to stop. That’s a very conscious belief.

But then there are unconscious beliefs. And by the way, you can have conscious beliefs about all kinds of things. Like right now, my goodness, politics. Everybody has beliefs about that. Right? A lot of people do.

And beliefs are just simply truths for yourself because you’ve seen them enough, you repeated them enough, and that’s really the only reason. Because you can learn to adopt new beliefs.

Now, to identify what the beliefs are that are keeping you stuck, number one, it’s always going to come back to emotion. How is it that the belief that you’re believing right this minute is making you feel?

I have this conversation with people all the time because it’s that question that says, “Would you rather be right or be happy? Is it more important to you to cling to your argument for the sake of being right, or could it be more beneficial for you to let it go and just focus on being happy?”

And the clinging to anything that doesn’t feel good on the other side of it is what’s keeping us stuck too. It’s one of those things that contributes to that.

So to identify beliefs that don’t serve you, look around and see how your life is unfolding. You’re living the essence of your beliefs.

And this is not about identifying all of them. I have clients who love to do everything at once, and they think it’s going to get them there faster, but typically it slows them down because when you have a belief that’s been in there for decades, it takes a little time for your unconscious mind to realize that “Hey, you know what? We don’t believe this belief anymore.” But it takes practice and practice and practice.

So then how do you identify beliefs that don’t serve you? Well, they don’t feel good.

When you look in the mirror and you see yourself and you identify all the things that are wrong with you, that’s telling you that those are the beliefs that you believe. And those are usually the fastest ones to get in there and get working on right now, because just because you’re telling it to yourself, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. It’s just your interpretation.

I have worked with people who didn’t love themselves, didn’t value themselves at all. And it just took a little belief work, and all of a sudden, they could see their own value, but it’s just a little time and effort.

So a big stuck place is always going to be those beliefs. And we have a resource — of course we do — in our free resources to help you identify those beliefs.

And we also have a resource to help you identify those emotions. That’s episode 15, I believe. 

Those are two big ways for you to begin to identify where you’re getting stuck right now so that you can begin to flow in the direction of the things that you want, because we’ve got to get on that again. Right?

Of course we’re living in this time, and we are acknowledging it. And really important to acknowledge that this is where we’re at. And there’s going to be stuff for us to do on the other side. And what we need to do right now — and I’m going to say “need” from a modal operator of necessity place — that means “need” as in “have to.” It’s important. The best thing that you can do for youself right now is going to be to focus on the things that you want, even if you don’t have them yet. Especially if you don’t have them yet.

The essence of what you want.

So maybe it’s not going to be the multi-million mansion that you’re thinking about, but it’s going to be how it is that you feel about it when you have it and allowing that to just stay inside.

The third way that we get into those stuck places is strategies. And the definition of a strategy is simply how do I do the thing that I do that gets me that thing that I get on the other side of it.

Now this is big because we are running strategies all the time. Even the beliefs that you’re believing, that’s a strategy. Something happens, and it triggers that belief to pop up, and then you live it for a while, and then something happens and it ends. That’s a strategy.

How you get up in the morning, your routine in the morning is a strategy. My strategy in the morning is before I put my foot on the ground is that I connect with my unconscious mind. I connect with my higher self, with Superconscious Mind. I bring in all the help from the universe, and I give thanks, and I give instructions for how I want my day to go.

And by the end of the day, I look back. I’m like “Pretty darn good.”

That’s my strategy for my mornings now. It used to not be that way at all.

When you look at your strategies and you identify them, it’s all about what is it that I’m doing now that’s getting me the results that I’m getting now. It’s a momentary thing. What am I eating right now that’s making me feel good or not good at the end of the meal?

What am I consuming at the end of the day, in terms of whether it’s going to be food or a beverage or media or conversation — whatever it is — that it’s going to lead to how I feel right before I go to sleep? What am I doing right now that’s getting me to this place where I’m having these results?

Right this minute, if you think of people not being able to go to work and having to be home and having to work from home, I think that we have an opportunity here to really rewrite the big strategies in our lives that are not working.

I just had a conversation this morning with someone about changing what she’s doing in her work and the way that she’s delivering her service to people and how it’s so much more connected and authentic to who she is. And she probably wouldn’t have had the time or the bandwidth to do it in the way that she’s doing it now because the circumstances are different now than they were a month or two ago. So the timing would have been different. The information that’s available to her now is so different than what was available to her a month or two ago. And all of this allows us and creates an opening to make different types of decisions.

I think that there are so many people out there who are living life — and I was in there too for a long time, for years and years and years. We’re looking at life, and we’re seeing what we’re doing, and we’re doing what we think we should four versus what we feel we’re here to do. So what we should do versus what we want to do.

I have a son who is studying music. For him, it’s been this journey of saying yes to himself the entire time, and it was really, really hard because he’s still a pretty logical guy. So he’s studying music, and this is what he feels his calling is. And before this, he was studying acting.

Now, the way I raised my kids the second half, after learning all the stuff that I know now — no do-overs for parenting is what I say now — was that I raised them to do what they love and figure out a way to monetize it so they can have the life that they want.

But that means going against what is out there in the world, because if you were to talk to anybody that says, “Hey, I’m going to go be an artist. I’m going to go be a chef. I’m going to go be a musician. I’m going to go be a composer,” like my son is studying to be…

You’re going to have the majority of the world looking at that and saying, “Well, you’re never going to make a living. Stuff like that doesn’t work out. Haven’t you heard of the starving artist? So you’re going to go pay, whatever, $50,000 for your cooking school,” culinary school, I guess, “and then you’re not going to be able to make a living.”

So we’re living in this environment that tells us that all the time. And what I’m here to invite you to do is to turn inward right now, right this minute in anything that you’re doing, because strategies apply to the things that we do for a living. They apply to the way that we care for our bodies. They apply to the way that we do relationships. They apply to everything.

And here is my invitation to you to tune into the part of yourself that you’re probably not communicating with directly on a consistent basis. And that is your Superconscious Mind. That is that higher self part of you, the part of you that is connected, the part of you that knows that you’re worthy, the part of you that knows that you have everything at your disposal to make whatever you want happen in your life, the part of you that is 100% love and wellbeing, the part of you that loves everything and everyone and loves everything about you, and that knows your potential, and knows that your potential is infinite.

That’s the part of you that I really invite you right now to tap into, even if you don’t believe it yet. Just an exercise. Just pretend for right now.

When I do Time Line Therapy® with my clients, we literally have to imagine floating. That’s how the technique works, because we’re floating to the past, and then we’re floating inside events, we’re floating before events. So we’re imagining floating. By the way, we’re bypassing the critical faculty the entire time. So whatever it is that we’re doing, we’re working directly with the unconscious mind, which means that we are putting in there wonderful suggestions to help people move quickly through life.

One of the ways that we do it is just by simply saying, “Hey, this is not going on. We’re just imagining. No worries, conscious mind. We’re just pretending here.” It makes it much easier for the conscious mind to be like “Okay, you’re just pretending.”

And yet you’re working directly with the unconscious mind to help you connect with all the parts of yourself that have all the resources inside to give you the thing that you wanted to achieve.

So my invitation to you is to sit there and write and journal. Now I’m going to give you some instructions to journal. Really simple.

You go here, in the context of everything that you want in your life. That means taking some time. But in the context of everything you want…

I would say, number one, start with a list of the things that you want in your life, the things that are really important to you. Let’s go for the big things in life, the big questions, and then organize them in order.

We want this to be an unconscious hierarchy. We want this to be an unconscious order of importance. So that means that you write your list of the things that you want, the things that are important to you, and then as quickly as possible, you go through, you check in with your unconscious mind and just say really quickly, “Hey, unconscious mind, let’s put these in the most important order from unconscious mind’s and higher conscious mind’s perspective.”

And you go through with your little pen or pencil, and you just simply write down number one, number two, number three, number four, however many numbers as quickly as possible to wherever your eyes are taking you. Because remember that your unconscious mind is in charge of involuntary movements. So it will guide you to wherever that important thing is.

And once you do, you rewrite your list in that order of importance, starting with number one. And then you take number one, and then you just simply get your little notebook, and you’ll ask this question.

First of all, you tune in. So turn inward, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath.

The way that I tell my clients to check for that connection with their unconscious mind — which, by the way, you’re connected totally 24/7 — but it’s just simply to be aware of the connection.

I always ask for them to tune in, take a deep breath, and ask their unconscious mind a question that’s a very random question from a very long time ago, like the last four digits of your social security number or the address to the house that you grew up in or the color of the very first car you ever drove. And all of a sudden, you’re going to get the information. Well, that’s your unconscious mind communicating because the unconscious mind holds within it every single memory. So that’s how you know.

And you breathe in, and you can simply ask your unconscious mind, “Hey, unconscious mind, show me a signal that you’re here.” It’s there. It’s just you consciously being aware that you’re having that communication.

And then you tune in even deeper. And you just simply instruct your unconscious mind and say, “Hey, unconscious mind, I want to open the communication to Superconscious Mind so that I’m aware of it. I want to be aware of that communication.” Because this is all about awareness. The connection is present but the awareness may not be.

And then you’ll ask these questions.

Number one. And this is about writing what is considered stream of consciousness, meaning you don’t stop to read this. You just simply write. And if you want to start with a big, big, big one like I did years ago, it was “What is my purpose? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do here?”

“What’s my purpose?” And you simply start writing.

If you have it in the context of something on your list, like “What’s the purpose for my work? What’s the purpose for my business? What’s the purpose?”

You can start with something really big like “What am I here to do?” That was always my favorite one.

And then you write everything that comes out until you are empty, until nothing else comes out. And the way that you continue to empty out is “What is my purpose for being here?” Then what else? You write that down. What else? Write that down. What else? What else? What else? Until you’re done.

Then you’re done with that.

And then the second question is going to be “What will living this purpose do for me?” And then you write that down, and then you say, what else? And what else? And what else? And what else?

And then the third question is “What will me living this purpose do for others?” And then, what else? What else? What else? What else?

And then the last question is “How will living this purpose make me feel?” And then you’re going to go to, what else? And what else? And what else?

And then when you have all of that done, you’re going to put it away for a little while, come back to it. Then you’re going to read it. And then you’re going to identify in there the things that you can do right now.

And especially notice the part that says “How is this going to make me feel?”

And then start doing things that are going to make you feel that way, because you can feel happiness in all kinds of ways. You can feel fulfillment in all kinds of ways. You don’t have to be in that purpose yet.

When you’re done with all of this, you just simply go back and check it again. And this is really just one exercise. There is so much that you can do here, but begin connecting with that inside consciously, like I said. The connection is already present. The awareness is what’s missing.

So do this exercise consistently, especially when you’re finding yourself getting especially stuck. Just a moment. Just a gift to yourself. Allowing yourself to turn inward so that you can then create a balance between being outwardly focused and being internally focused, inwardly focused. Really tuning in to the part of yourself that knows absolutely everything.

And when you do, tell me how it goes because I promise you that if you do this exercise, you’re going to tap into a whole new set of resources that are available.

Ultimately what I want for you is to have a physical life experience — so a conscious life experience that feels really good. That means to have all the things that you want, to go to the places that you want, to purchase the things that you want, to eat the food that you want, and to have the relationship that you want, to look in the mirror and just love what you’re seeing. That’s what I want for you.     

I really believe that turning inward is going to really help you achieve that in the world.

That is all I have for you today. Thank you so much for being here. This was a long one. I appreciate you to no end. And I’m going to encourage you to please, please, please go and visit our website at the to access the show notes, to get all that bonus content that’s there, download some stuff, do the exercises, and then join us in the Mind Revolution Podcast Community on Facebook because we’re hanging out there and having a good time. So I would love for you to be there with us. I go live there quite often and share other resources, and you get to be the first to know what stuff is coming up. So I would love for you to join us there.

We also have the Purely Positive Quiz out there, would love for you to take it. That data is so powerful because we get to find out how to create content that’s going to really serve you in a way that’s going to be powerful.

Now the other thing is that I’m going to ask you to please, please rate and review our podcast. We love the ratings, the five stars. Thank you! We’re 100% five stars, and we love that. But also your comments iTunes or Stitcher, all of that helps us so much because we want people to know about this stuff. I would love it if you could share it with the people that you know, especially right now. There are so many things. I get emails almost daily from people who are listening all over the world where just the podcast by itself is helping them create shifts. So would love to share this with more of you out there.

So thanks so much. I will be thinking of you, holding you in best wishes and thoughts until the next time we meet.

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