Episode 075

Going All In On You

with Jacq Fisch

Episode 075

Going All In On You with Jacq Fisch

We’re 75 episodes into The Mind Revolution Podcast, and I’m welcoming our first ever guest — writer and writing coach — Jacq Fisch. 

You’ve heard me mention her many times in past podcast episodes. She’s been my copywriter, content writer, and strategist for more than two years. She’s helped me bring you The Complete Money Brain Blueprint, this podcast, blog, and all the beautiful words on my website. 

A little over a year ago, she also hired me for her own breakthrough

Have you ever felt like you were meant for something different than your regular day-to-day? Maybe it’s just a hunch that you have right now. Jacq had those kinds of hunches and nudges years before starting her own business as a writer and writing coach. 

It’s been an honor to help her wipe out negative emotions and limiting beliefs that no longer serve her. 

Today, she shares her story of congruence. 

The story centers around her work, but it reaches much farther than that because when you get aligned in one area of your life, it spreads to other areas.

Jacq had a great job (as far as jobs go), but after having kids, the corporate-world honeymoon was over in a big way. Work was less fulfilling; she had almost zero family time and even less personal time. After three layoffs in five years and moving the family across borders and states multiple times, she knew something had to change.

Still, she found another job after the third layoff because she was a co-breadwinner. Her family depended on her income. But she determined that the next time she left a job, it would be on her terms. 

She and her husband agreed that she’d quit her new job once her side hustle brought in half of her day job’s salary.

Game on.

After three months in a row of exceeding that number with her side hustle, she quit her job and hasn’t turned back. Today she can’t imagine not working on her terms.

In today’s episode, Jacq shares…

  • A low parenting moment – a blow-up in front of the kids where she afterward asked herself, “Why am I yelling at the people I love for a job that I hate?”
  • A revelation – While reading self-help books, she discovered that some people made money doing work they loved. You really could mix work and fun!
  • An ah-ha moment – She realized that A) people often asked for her help with their writing projects and B) she loved helping people take their writing and make it better
  • How she trained her unconscious mind – She’d pretend she was getting dressed to go to work in her home office as her own boss. 
  • Deep questions – She explored questions such ask, Who do I have to be to start my own business? Will I like that person? Will other people like that person?
  • An irony – Going all-in on herself meant putting herself first. The result was that those who matter most to her got more too. Taking care of herself first meant big benefits for her family as well. 
  • About self-doubt – “Feel the self-doubt and do it anyway.”

Even though she says, “I’m all in on me” — she keeps reminding herself. There’s always a little voice that creeps in that might distract us from our meaningful work. 

And when you go all-in on yourself, everything feels easier — relationships, work, opportunities, health, you name it.
You can learn more about Jacq on her website. If you’re a business owner struggling to drop your expert industry jargon and sound like a human being in your writing, she can help. I’m living proof! Even if you’re a writer who struggles to make time for your own creative endeavors, Jacq’s Write Like a MOFO community will help you prioritize your writing goals and get it done.


Thanks for listening!


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