#132 On Going One Step Further


#132 On Going One Step Further

Brenda:  Well, hey there. Brenda here. Welcome to this week’s episode of Mind Revolution. I am so thrilled, so happy, so grateful that you pressed play and that you are here with me for this episode. I have a good one for you. I know that I always say that, and I always hope that they’re good ones, so hopefully you’re enjoying the ride here that you are with me on.


I love doing this work. I love sharing what I’m learning. I love being able to give you a little NLP insights that hopefully you can just take on and apply to your life to create the things that you want. So that’s what I live for.


So the fact that you’re here listening is just so exciting to me, and it means so very much.


Right now, right this moment, I’m recording on a Saturday morning. I’ve been up since quite early. We are in the middle of getting ready for NLP Sales School which is launching and starting in about a week or so. As I’m saying that, I can tell you that there is a knot in my stomach, a little lump in my throat. I’m hyperventilating a little bit. And all of it is because it’s kicking my butt. It really is.


Interestingly enough, as I was looking for something specific in my Dropbox collection of things, I stumbled upon something that I wrote in 2019. And in 2019, I wrote a goal for myself that said that by the end of 2022, I was going to create two programs along with some other things that I wanted to create in my business. So here I am in 2022, and I’ve done it.


One of the big things I wanted to do that I haven’t done yet is to have NLP coach school which has been in my mind and heart since way back then.


I’ve got to tell you that in 2019, I was walking around with a healthy dose — I mean, totally unhealthy dose — of imposter syndrome, and I still felt very intimidated by all the NLP things, all the NLP content, and the trainers that have been trainers for decades, and I thought, “Who I am?” This is where I was at. “Who am I to put myself out there in that way? And who would want to listen to me? What do I have to share that’s important?” This is what I was walking around with, and still inside I felt like “But I can teach people how to do this.”


And so that was in me. And it’s not here yet. I haven’t created it yet, and initially I said my goal was to have this finished by the end of 2022 and deliver NLP Coach School and certify coaches in my breakthrough process which is very different than the traditional breakthrough process as it is taught in the majority of the world of NLP, at least that I’m aware of.


So I didn’t do that yet, but it’s in there. Initially, we were going to launch NLP Coach School in March. And I promise you there is a point to the story for you. For sure.


We were going to launch it in March. And every time that we do a launch for Soulful Business Revolution, we identify a need, and it’s been so cool to be able to do that. And when we launched the NLP Abundance Breakthrough, it was so fabulous to see all the people who were walking around feeling like they don’t have something to offer, feeling really uncomfortable with how to connect with the people that are going to be their ideal client, so how to best serve the people in their space, how to connect with them, how to find them, how to allow themselves to be found. And the feeling inside that they were somehow not equipped or capable to deliver at a high level.


And I know that there are different definitions for a high level out there. So high level to me means that you’re doing it from the point of view of excellence. Sometimes high-level to people means what big-picture means to me, meaning not specific. For me, high level means I’m going and giving it to you with the best I’ve got.


And so we felt that as we were going through the 21-Day Abundance Breakthrough, which, by the way, we’re doing again in March, so get yourself ready. In the meantime though, we’re launching. Listen, I launch all the time, and I’m launching all kinds of things. In the meantime, we’re launching the Sales Mindset Makeover which is the precursor to the thing that I did create which is NLP Sales School.


And to say that I created it is an overstatement because I haven’t created it all yet. I have the content, I have the layout, we’re working with all the things that need to be done, and we’re recording all of it, but it’s not all done. It’s going to be a process that is going to take me significantly longer than I thought it would take.


And the message is how do we show up for the people in our world, the people who are willing to give us their time, their energy, their money so they can learn from us, and how do we do it in such a way that they get so much value out of it? And what is it that you as a leader in your business… Not even in your business, by the way, in your life, whether it’s for you by yourself, whether it’s you for your family, as in if you have kids a partner, or if it’s you and your pet. And I’m not joking about that because there are times when I look at Gunner and I’m like “Man, Gunner. I haven’t been there for you the way that I could have been.” And I’m not kidding when I say that. When he looks at me and he stands outside more your office door, and he’s just looking at me like “What the crap, lady? I exist.” In those moments, I think of that. It’s like “Okay, let me take a step back and just be with you.”


And however it is that we’re leading our lives and the things that we’re leading, how is it that we can show up in such a way that we’re doing the very best that we can? And that we are showing up as our best selves and delivering at that level?


This is going to get a little convoluted. Hopefully it doesn’t. But the lane that I walk is I aim for excellence, at the same time, doing my best to give myself a break. That usually works with all things.


Now, when I’m creating content…not so much the podcast because I want you to see all of me. Well, I don’t want you to see all of me right now in my pajamas that are three sizes too big for me. I don’t want you to see that. But what I do mean is that you get to get all of me. You get to know that I’m human like you, that I have uncertainty and doubt like you, that I’m excellent at certain things like you, that I’m still discovering more and more of who I am, just like you… That in all of it, I’m like you. So the podcast, for me, is for that.


When I’m creating content that someone is going to consume and I’m not going to be in the room with them when they’re consuming it, I take it to that whole other level where I really do focus on the details. And I feel like an owl when I look at things. I feel like “Wait a minute. There is a breath there that’s a little too breathy. There are too many ums in this section.” And there is a word that I’ve been using that is driving me nuts, but I don’t want to say it because when people listen to NLP Sales School, you would catch it, and that’s all you would hear. So I’m not going to tell you what it is. And I don’t even look for it, those of you going to NLP Sales School. Please just hang out with me, and let’s get the value of the content, and let’s just go on that journey together. But I’m telling you, there are things in there that I was doing that I’m like “Oh, my gosh,” making me cringe.


So I do drive myself a little over the edge just a little tiny bit, and I’m sure I’m doing it to my team because I’m making corrections all the time, and I’m sending stuff back and saying, “To make it even better, let’s do this. To make it even better, let’s do that.” So by the time that we finish, because I’m being so… I call it meticulous. They might be calling it something else.


But by the time that we’re finished putting the content for NLP Sales School, then the people who are helping me create everything for NLP Sales School, whether or not they need it, they’re going to know really well how to sell using NLP techniques, how to sell using the NLP language principles. They’re going to know all the things about the process and utilizing it and integrating things unconsciously. They’re going to know so much because I keep sending stuff back because I keep reviewing and reviewing and doing it over and over again.


So typically if I’m working with someone, a lot of the times people come to me because they feel like they’re really hard on themselves. And I think that absolutely, we are so hard on ourselves, but sometimes that hard on ourselves is really misplaced because we are hard on ourselves on things that are unimportant from a general perspective. Hard on ourselves on, a lot of the time, the superficial things. Like “How is it that I look?”


Hard on ourselves because that person didn’t accept my offer, and I must have done something wrong.


I used to be really hard on myself on a lot of things, and then I learned to be easy on myself on those things. And sometimes I find that a lot of people apply that same concept of “I’m going to learn to take it easy on myself” when we’re doing extraordinary things. When we’re doing things that regular people in their day-to-day experience simply don’t do. When you’re doing something that is so unique to you or doing something that really excites you when you’re living your calling and you tapped into the part of you that allows you to feel like you’re making an impact, the part of you that is your purpose, that part of you, and in there, we’re like “I’m just going to take it easy on myself.”


And so my invitation to you is to take a look at that, to listen to what that sounds like inside for you, how it makes sense for you, and see if there is any part of you that’s asking you to go even more. Not as in easier but as in deeper.


Not as in taking it easy on myself but as in, “Uh-uh. This is where you go all in, baby.”


This is where you do take out the ums and the breaths, and then was when you really do think about the content and how you’re going to share it. This is where you want to be thorough. This is when you want to focus on the details.


What I see in changework across the board… And when I say across the board, I mean everything I apply to myself. So everything that I’m talking about, I’m doing, literally right this minute. I’m doing it with you. There is that perspective but also the perspective of all the people that come across my world — whether they’re in Revolution, whether it’s people in the podcast, whether they’re in the Soulful NLP Facebook community, just people on my email list that message me, people that I know in my life, this is what I find…


A lot of the times people are… I don’t know if it’s a fear, but there is definitely an apprehension of going all in. And I have a theory about that in my mind. And I talked to a client once who said that she did her best work when she was inspired, but sometimes the inspiration wouldn’t come. And that the only thing that she wanted to do was the things that felt easy, not easy as in effortless but the things that felt like were less resistant. And she got this from a coach who told her “Just do what’s easy for you, and then everything else will come.”


Now, I know for a fact that I can tell a client something, and they’re going to hear whatever they’re ready to hear in that moment, especially if the thing that they’re going to hear out of the thing that I tell them is going to help them continue running a strategy or a pattern within themselves that will continue to support them in staying the same.


So that coach could have told her “Do it in a way that feels easy for you, and then add some more. Learn to be comfortable in your moment, and then stretch a little more,” but my client didn’t hear that. She just said, “I just want to do it easy, and it should be. For my services, I’m creating digital products, I have physical, tangible products, things that I sell, and then I do a course, and if people want to coach with me, they’re only going to see me once a month.”


I said, “Alright, how does that feel to you?”


She’s like “It feels great.”


I said, “So what results are you getting?”


She’s like “Well, not much.”


I said, “Why do you think that is?”


And as we started going in there, we began to unpack that there were things that she’s been wanting to create, but in her thinking, she didn’t want to go down what she considered a bit of a rabbit hole because she said, “Once I start creating content, then I never get out.”


I know all about it because I’m in deep content creation right now, and it feels like this is everything that exists in this moment as I’m creating and delivering NLP Sales School, as I’m creating and delivering the Sales Mindset Makeover Series that we’re doing. The same thing happened when I created the content for the 21-Day NLP Abundance Breakthrough. The same thing happens when I’m creating a new workshop or training inside Soulful Business Revolution. And when I’m creating hypnosis audios, then forget it. I’m just in there.


So I totally got that. But here’s what happens. If your unconscious mind feels inside that it’s time for you to go deeper and go even more and you don’t do it, you’ll be rewarded accordingly. You will be rewarded according to the effort that you put in that your unconscious mind deems is appropriate for the thing that you’re doing.


So whatever it is that you’re focusing on. This is when doing everything halfway or not all the way a lot of the times backfires because you are putting energy in there, but inside, you’re thinking to yourself, “Mm-mm. I said I was going to do it the easy way. I said I was going to do it easy and effortless. I said it was going to feel good. It was going to be light.” And inside there is a tug that says, “Oh, I don’t think I’m giving it enough.”


And that tug can be really authentic, meaning we have limiting beliefs that will tell us “No matter what I do is not enough.” That’s a limiting belief, so reject stuff. But sometimes when you’re creating something, the thing is asking you for more. And it is energy that’s speaking to you and pulling you in that direction. And when we don’t give it the more, the results are going to align with what you put in and what you perceive that input and that contribution to be and the value of it.


There is a frame in NLP that I love and I live by it. And it’s all about going one step further, that in any situation, whatever it may be when you’re wanting something, when all of us wants something, we’re going to push to about the boundary of the comfort zone if it’s asking for a push, if it’s asking for a stretch. Anything beyond that is going to be challenging initially unless you’re really aware that you’re going to gy beyond it.


Typically what happens is that the boundaries of your comfort zone will pull you in, and if your nervous system becomes aware that you’re going to go to a place that’s scary, it will even keep you closer inside the comfort zone so that you don’t make that trek outside. This is just how your brain is wired. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s there for protection.


The thing that happened whenever humans first started walking around is that we didn’t have the ability for logic the way that we have it now. So that even in your emotional reactions, you can bring logic into them and say, “Alright, this is me being aware that I’m going to go do something scary, and my body is telling me not to do it, so it’s telling me to go distract.” So in this moment, it would look like maybe I’m procrastinating. Maybe it would look like I’m not all-in. Maybe it will look like confusion, like maybe I don’t want it. And so I’m not going to go for it, and I’m aware of that. So in my awareness, then I can go for it.


And it’s not the easiest thing to do. It takes time to do it. And I promise you I know it because it lived it. I know what it’s like to be disempowered. I know what it’s like to be frozen stiff in fear and not do a thing. I know what it’s like to just want to be on the couch and not move and just be entertained by television.


I know what it’s like to not do the things that are in my heart because I was so afraid of how they were going to be received. And it was a process. It wasn’t an overnight thing. It was a commitment to my personal evolution. I didn’t know it was doing it back then, but that’s really what it was. A commitment to that personal evolution, to that journey that, over time, led to more and more opportunity. More doors opening. More choices. More options.


And as that unfolding took place, then the awareness also grew to where now I’m just going to do the thing that is within me that I feel I’m here to share. I’m going to check with people that know better about the things that I’m doing so that I can learn from their expertise, and I’m going to do my very best to deliver it, knowing that I have a heck of a lot to learn, that all the plates spinning up in the air are not spinning at the same time. I don’t even know if that’s the right analogy or metaphor. That they’re not all moving easily and effortlessly and just flowing, but I’m having to keep my eye on so many things.


But the bottom line is that the more and more I’m doing this, the more I’m stepping into the awareness of legacy, which is huge. And I have allowed myself now to use the word legacy as I’m creating NLP Sales School because I’m going one step further with it.


The majority of the traditional NLP training you’re going to find out there, for the most part, they’re going to be someone in the front of the room, maybe even direct to camera if it’s virtual. A lot of the time it’s videos and audios of maybe a live training. That’s how I experienced it. And don’t get me wrong. It was fabulous. I am so grateful for everything that I have learned.


And so what I wanted to do though was to create something that was very concise and precise that would take the participant, the student, the entrepreneur, the sales professional through a journey that was really efficient and that was going to give them value for every second spent watching the slides on the screen and listening to the words that I was saying, that there is intention and purpose behind everything that I put out there for them.


And that requires significantly more effort than I ever anticipated because I’ve taught NLP live for the most part, and even if we’re recording it, even if we’re using slides, it’s super easy to be able to just be the slides and me talking and giving you all kinds of information.


But putting it together this way, boy, a lot more concise.


And I started allowing myself to use the word legacy. I was telling my podcast editor person — she’s fabulous — and everybody around us that’s helping with the content saying, “This is a legacy project. This is something that can live for a very long time because the content is so consistent.” This is the beauty of NLP. It is applicable to everything, but here we’re doing it in such a deep way, specifically for sales.


So it’s demanding a lot of me. It is kicking my butt. It is not full night’s sleep. It is looking at everything that we’re putting together and putting it under a magnifying glass so that I know we’re on track. Yes, we are. This is good.


I’m sharing this with you because if you have something in your heart that you want to create and develop and deliver, I don’t really care what it is. It’s not just about business. This is about you showing up in your life. That you take this concept of going one step further and saying, “Alright, how can I make it even better?” And try it on for something that’s meaningful for you.


Listen, everything can be better all the time. Everything that we can create can be improved, for sure. There is no perfection, right? Perfection is an illusion. Progress is definitely real. So even when you’re doing anything in your world, whether it means “I’m going to go on that weight-loss journey,” whether it means “I’m going to show up fully in my relationship,” or if you’re in your personal development journey, that you show up for yourself and you say, “I’m going to apply all the things. I’m just going to go for it. I’m going to do it.” When you do that, your unconscious mind will reward you.


You don’t have to believe a thing that I’m telling you, but I would love for you to try it. I would love for you to take the thing that you’re focusing on, the thing that you really want, the one quality, the one essence, the one outcome that you want in your experience — maybe it’s more than one — and say, “I’m going all-in on this son of a gun.” And then figure out what is it that you must start doing to make it happen, what you’ve gotta stop doing that you’re currently doing to make it happen, what is it that you have to learn, who has done it in a really fabulous way that you love how they did it, and you can model them and get to know how is it that they went through their journey, how did they navigate that process, and then begin implementing and make it your focus. And just make it your focus.


Because the flipside of a journey like that… Let’s say that you were going to kind of do it halfway like “We’re going to see how I feel.” And maybe you go into procrastination or big picture. You begin sabotaging the outcome because your brain is like “Uh-uh. It’s a little scary. You haven’t done that before. You don’t know if it’s safe.”


But let’s say that you give in to that pull and that impulse inside to slow it down and bring it back, scale it back, and don’t go too big, don’t be too visible, don’t be too much. Someone once told me that I was too much. And I was like “How is that a problem?” I didn’t say that, but once I learned NLP, I probably would have thought that.


What I have seen is that when people don’t go that extra mile, going that one step further, and when they’re being compelled to do so, in other words, the energy of the thing that they want is saying, “No, listen, it’s more commitment that you need here. More consistency. This is about focusing on the long-term gain,” But instead, we’re doing the opposite. So we’re focusing on short-term satisfaction. Instead, we’re like “Oh, I’m tired. I’m just not going to do it today.”


So what happens over time when we go through that back and forth is that we lose momentum. And then the journey gets exhausting. And then we don’t make progress. And if any part of you is resenting the journey and thinking it should be easier by now — “It should be easy, but it’s not easy” — your mind is not going to allow you to have the easy outcomes.


We talked about this during our Let It Go Workshop for New Year’s Eve which was frickin’ amazing. It was such a great workshop. And so we talked about the difference between easy and ease. That when you are pursuing your excellence in whatever context, it’s very likely that that journey is not going to be easy, but you can find the ease in going through the journey. The ease for me rests in surrendering to that process and just saying, “This is about the best that I can do today. And then tomorrow, I’ll do the best that I can do which may be better than today, or it may not even be close to as good as today was. But it will still be the best that I can do.”


And that in all of it too, you set time for yourself or moments where you’re tuning in, and you can say, “Alright, now it’s time to rest.”


I can tell you this morning, I woke up this morning early, and we just moved into this beautiful home in Kentucky. I call it beautiful. Ron says it needs a lot of work, and it does, but I think it’s just so beautiful.


So I got up early. My routine is to go downstairs, get some coffee going — number one thing to do — and since I’ve been getting up so early — I’ve been getting up before the sun rises and come straight to my office and do editing and recording and do all the writing things that I do for Jenny who is putting all the beautiful content together, like all the PowerPoints and all the downloads and things like that. So I come in, and I do that before we even get to Momentum Maker. So by the time that we get to Momentum Maker, which was me now is at 9 AM in that workshop, I have been working for three hours at the very least. I am usually up at 5.


So this is what happens when I’m launching something. It is not sustainable to do it this way, to live life this way, to do business this way long-term. And I have a clear awareness that this is a short-term commitment. In other words, my unconscious mind, my conscious mind, we’re together on this. And so I know that this is going to be something that is going to be taking place probably through the month of January. And in February, it should be able to slow down. And I have it in my calendar as such to do that. Typically I’m not that specific, but here’s what happens when you’re tuning in.


I went downstairs this morning to get my coffee. I gave myself permission to wake up after the sun came out. So the sun was just about rising. And so I went down, made my coffee. I was going to come right up, and I felt the pull inside to just look out the window because we have this beautiful window in our breakfast nook that looks to the backyard, and it’s just this expansive view of the hills, and it’s just so beautiful. And there is snow here on the ground today, and so it was all white, and the trees were still there, and so what I did is I followed that tug, and I sat down with my cup of coffee, and I just sat there and watched.


And I started getting so emotional like I’m getting right now. And I just was in deep appreciation, and I just kept saying, “Thank you, and thank you, and thank you, and thank you.” Because I savored the moment. And it was exactly what my mind and my heart and my body needed so that I can come back up to my office and get to work.


And I just sat there for about half an hour. And in doing so, Ron came down, and the dog came down, and I would have gotten up and left, but I felt compelled to just sit and enjoy their company. So Ron and I were just sitting there looking out the window together, and I said, “Okay, now it’s time to go.”


And as I’m coming upstairs, Ron said, “I am going to go…” It’s Saturday. So he said, “I’m going to go to the Mexican market.”


I’m like “Excuse me. I am the Mexican person in this household. If anybody goes to the Mexican market, it is going to be me.” I’m doing this in my mind. He did see the shock on my face, like what? This is a date. This is an outing for us to go to a new place and go find a traditional Mexican market that reminds me of Mexico, that makes me feel like I’m home. Inside I just think of my grandma, and I think of just growing up over there with all my family there. And he’s like “Oh, I found it, and I’m going to go and see what they have.”


So then the judgment call came in because typically I would be like “Oh, yeah, then let’s just go.” But this time, the pull inside was “Wait a minute. There are important things to do. The Mexican market is likely to be there in February or maybe next weekend when things are lighter and more is done, more is accomplished.”


So I tuned in, and I listened, and I did it. But I really tuned into the part of myself that I felt was telling me what was really up.


So that’s the invitation here for you. Going one step further is going to serve you in every area of your life because the beauty of it is that it creates a tremendous amount of focus.  And when you can be focused in that direction in taking whatever thing that you’re creating in whatever context and you’re going to make it the best that it can be, the best that it can be, the resources show up for you. Efficiencies are there present and available for you.


And then you get to create it. And you get to live it. I’m getting the sense inside — and it’s such a beautiful feeling to have — of the impact that I’m making more and more and more. The emails that you send, the Facebook messages, the Instagram messages that I need to answer some more, by the way, in Instagram. I need to get in there some more. But I get all those messages from you letting me know or even the thank-yous or when people tag me on a post or people sharing our workshops, it is such a rewarding feeling.


When I first started this business, I wanted to make a difference. That’s the only reason that you would have, I think, a business like this. Outside of all the regular business things, you want to have a successful business, you want to be profitable, all of that. But underneath it all, everybody wants that in business, but how is usually the question that we’re answering consistently. And then when you look at the meaning behind the thing that you’re creating, there is a why. And the reason that I’m doing this instead of doing what I used to do or anything else is that I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make an impact. I wanted to share what I’ve learned. And if I could do even a tenth of what it did for me in my life, for you, if what I have learned can give you even a tenth of my learnings so that you can apply them into your life, then I’ll feel like that’s a huge big win for me.


And so in doing this work, now I’m plugged into the fact that it’s doing that. And I haven’t been as aware of it. I really haven’t. But it’s when I see my clients… But it’s not just my clients. I want to make that clear. The reason that I created the podcast is because I wanted to create a way where — hopefully I’m doing that — that NLP and everything that’s in NLP felt tangible and approachable, practical, things that you can utilize and that it wasn’t going to cost you anything, that you shouldn’t have to go pay for a training to get the basics of it. This right here, this podcast right here can help you begin to reframe your thinking. You can create new neurological connections that are going to support you in you creating more of what you want, that you can step into your power some more, that you can become aware of it. And that you can just do it here. 


So even you, if we haven’t met but you’ve messaged me, we haven’t worked together but it’s making a difference, then I’m accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish. Right?


But when I see it in my clients and I see that once they start feeling better that they begin to have this awareness that “Oh my gosh, I have all the power within me to feel better,” and that the value in feeling better means that you have resources available that you wouldn’t have if you were feeling not better because feeling good frees up energy. It’s very light energy, feeling good. Not feeling good is a very weighed-down type of energy, and it clouds our perspective and so, therefore, limits resources.


So when I see my clients generally feeling good or all of a sudden saying, “Oh my gosh, this thing that happened last month” or two months ago or three months ago, “this is what I created.” Or, “In spite of this challenge or that challenge, business is doing great.” Or, “I’ve never felt more connected to my partner.”


Or, “I’m becoming so tuned into who I am, and even when I’m having moments that are challenging, I can see what’s happening. I can become the observer in my life for my own thinking, and I can do the work to change it.”


Listen, I’m becoming more and more aware of that. And this is the result of going one step further every step of the way for me when it comes to my business. And it doesn’t mean I do it well all the time. I do my best, that’s for sure. I can tell you that I miss the mark sometimes. Sometimes I put too much on the calendar, and people are like “It’s too much.” And I listen to my people, and they humble me every day. And that’s part of going one step further.


It’s an invitation. Not a lot of structure to this episode. But I just wanted you to know. I just wanted to share this with you as I’m going back to now edit audio, video, PDFs, all the things for NLP Sales School. And while I have a wonderful team that can do all of it for me, there is only some things in here that I definitely want to do myself. And that is to take a look, take a listen, feel in for the final delivery.


So I’m excited that you’re here with me. I wish you nothing but you going one step further in the things that really matter to you and that you just try it. And I promise you that you will be rewarded for your focus. You will be rewarded for your commitment to yourself. You’re so worth it. You’re so worth it. You’re so worth it.


I talked to a client this week who said “I’m learning NLP, and I’m teaching the people that are in my tribe, the people that I’m leading, I’m teaching them how to apply NLP into their world.” And she said to me that she felt a little intimidated — she didn’t use that word. It was a word like that, but basically saying that she thought that I’d be judging her delivery because she looks up to me, which what a beautiful, wonderful, heartwarming thing that is. And she said, “I don’t think that you would, but I worry that you might because I don’t know it as much as you do.”


And here’s what I got to say to her. Are you ready? This is what I say to you.


If you’re doing anything in your world and you’re going one step further than you typically do, I promise you you’re going to make an impact. If you’re going one step further in the direction that’s going to support you in your growth, in your evolution and all the things that you do, there is going to be people in your world that are going to be impacted in a wonderful way. They just will be. So keep doing it.


I am delighted whenever someone in my space utilizes the things that we’re learning, makes them their own, and goes out there and delivers them on their side because I want you to be aligned, congruent. I want you to have everything you want. I want you to know that you can have what you want. I want you to know that you have so much power within you. And you do. You absolutely do. And to tap into it consistently. I want you to know that you’re beautiful and that you’re loved and that there is trust that’s here for you, that you have everything around you — all the resources. The support is there. A lot of the times, all it takes is changing how we perceive ourselves, the world, and the people in it, and then everything changes.


So that is all I have for you. Just know that I’m thinking good thoughts for you. And I would love it if you go to, and go check it out. There are so many good things in there.


We have a bunch of freebies, so go get the free resources. The podcast is my main free offer for you. This is where I bring consistent information for you. Hopefully it serves you. That is my intention. I would love it for you if you can please do me this big favor. I know you’re listening. And I know sometimes it’s not the easiest to go to iTunes and put in a review, but, man, it would be so meaningful if you could. If you could please go to iTunes and leave a review, as always, please, I love a five-star review. A review means that you actually type in some things. Not just a rating. A review.


I love a five-star review, but more than anything, I would appreciate your honest review and your honest feedback. Message me. There is a little box inside the website for you to tell me what you want to talk about, what you want to listen to, and then I’ll do my best to create it for you.


Go to the website. We have so many wonderful things coming up. We have Sales Mindset Makeover, NLP Sales School. Doors are going to be closing on that soon when you get this. And then we also have the 21-Day NLP Abundance Breakthrough, and I am super excited for that. I’m going to sign off now. This is a long one, but just know I appreciate you listening. Thank you so much, and I’ll be thinking nothing but wonderful, wonderful thoughts for you until the next time we meet.  


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