Episode 112

Feeling Your Way to Success


Episode 112

Feeling Your Way to Success

Some people are into hobbies like writing, painting, music, or fitness. 


Me? I’m into self-improvement. Self-improvement is my thing, and it’s been my jam for a long time. As a teenager, I read self-help books for fun. I even put myself in therapy when I was 17. My mom found out when she got a call from Kaiser. So, yeah, that was me, feeling the desire, even as a teen, to gather as many tools and resources as possible to better myself and my life.


You might not be a self-development junkie to the extent that I am, but virtually everyone in my space is here because they want to realize something in their life that’s not yet present. 


And if you’ve been in my space for a while, you know that I preach doing the work. The work involves focusing on what you want so that you can enlist your unconscious mind in the process of manifesting your dreams. 


If you’ve been doing that, and you’re still waiting to see the fruits of your focus, this episode is for you. 


Doing the work and waiting for results can be frustrating. In a recent Soulful Business Revolution session, one client arrived feeling very frustrated. She made it known that she was tired of “doing the work” and not seeing the results. Most of us could relate. And it makes sense on account of quick-fix promises everywhere we turn. 


But there’s a vital component of “doing the work” that we can’t skip. For your unconscious mind to align with your conscious desires, you need to align with the energetic qualities of what you want to create while doing the work. This means staying in a positive mindset, which makes staying in feel-good and empowering states so very important. 


When you think about your goal, if you feel upset or annoyed that it’s not here yet, your unconscious mind links your “not here” thoughts and feelings with your desired goal and the waiting period is just going to take longer, which then perpetuates the “not here” essence. The big problem is that at some point, your unconscious mind can absolutely generalize the association of “not here” with all of your desired outcomes, and before you know it, “not here” can easily become the norm.


Another client proposed a beautiful reframe for this situation. The work and the waiting time are creating space for what’s to come. That reframe can shift feelings of impatience and a sense of lack to anticipation and excitement. 


Think of your waiting time like building a nest. There’s work to do, but it’s all in anticipation and expectation of the beautiful life that’s to come. Think of the “creating space” time like making preparations for a welcomed guest. The preparations you’re making create a positive sense of anticipation and expectation.


Positive feelings about your goals are what prepares you to receive the fruits of your desires. So being keenly aware of your state is crucial. It’s one of the most important things you can do to achieve the outcomes you want.

Thanks for listening!

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