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Finding Comfort In Uncertain Times

There’s no doubt about it — a health pandemic and economic crisis can bring widespread turmoil into our world. 

I typically don’t watch the news, but unless you’re a self-sufficient hermit living an unplugged lifestyle, you can’t get away from critical world events for long. All the noise around about what to do, what not to do, the effects, the graphs, the new rules, the fear, anguish, and anxiety — it can all be too much at times.

Maybe you’ve heard me say this before, but it deserves repeating: 

You are going to bring into your experience the essence of your focus. 

Now what? You can’t get away from all this negativity — not without burying your head in the sand and hiding under the covers for weeks.

We are essentially living at effect. Something outside of ourselves is determining our circumstances. 

If you’re a highly suggestible person like me, notice how many suggestions go into your mind each day. Suggestions in the form of newscasters talking about it on a repeat loop, social media photos, and people walking around talking about it everywhere you go. 

Of course, you need to be informed, but you don’t need to feed the fear all day long. Please exercise restraint around how much you let in — during a crisis more than ever.

Recognize that you’re at effect and out of balance. 

When that happens, there’s tension in the body, begging for some certainty, belonging, and safety — for the sense that, “everything is going to be okay.” 

During uncertain times, comfort is a top priority.

When you’re looking for comfort, be judicious. You want to indulge in an activity that is going to make you feel better on the other side of doing it — not worse! 

Some of us have a history of finding comfort in unhealthy ways — like devouring unhealthy foods, smoking, drinking, or spending hours on social media. Those old neural patterns are still there, so watch out for falling into old patterns. 

I recommend you seek comfort from sources that will truly feel good after you’ve indulged. Here are some simple suggestions: 

  • Read a book — perhaps it’s light, entertaining, or a great fictional story
  • Go for a walk and feel gratitude for fresh air and deep breaths
  • Journal — set a timer for 15 minutes and simply write what comes to mind
  • If you live with others, sneak away from your family or partner to meditate in your bedroom or take a breath in the bathroom
  • Cook something and take your time, notice the way the food feels, tastes, and smells
  • Call a friend or family member — or try out some free video calls to feel a deeper sense of connection
  • Practice morning and evening routines to bring a much-needed sense of control and stability to two essential parts of our day

Another priority is controlling your state, which is something you always have control over. 

Controlling your state is not a one-and-done practice. It’s something that happens in the moment to help you shift toward positive feelings. 

Your state is the only thing that you have 100% control over and you can change your state whenever you need to. Even while reading this article, you can simply remember a specific time when you felt empowered. Take your mind back to that time. Imagine floating into your body and seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard, and really feel the feelings of what happened in that moment that made you feel so empowered.

And then you’re in that empowered state. 

Now do we stay there for long? Usually not because our brains aren’t wired that way, especially now, because you’ve got to remember the negativity bias is alive and well. 

If what you’re experiencing right now is not what you want to experience, then simply asking and tuning in to check in with your unconscious mind and saying, “Hey, unconscious mind, this isn’t what I want. What I want instead is this thing that I really want. Bring up some pictures that will allow me to tap into that,” and step into it for a minute and build on that.

So, “If I don’t want this, what do I want? Oh, I want some of this. Okay, if I had that, then what else could I have? I could have this other thing.”

Keep going… 

“And if I had that, how would that make me feel? Oh, I ‘d feel happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. It makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel like I can do anything. I feel confident.”

In just a minute or two, you’re going to feel better than you did.

And this is not about doing this once and putting it away and say, “Well, Brenda it didn’t work. It worked for a minute, and then it went away.”

No. This is about you controlling your experience from moment to moment. Because that is where we can make those shifts. 

Here are some additional efficient ways to find comfort when you’re in the muck:

  • Use “reject, delete” as a pattern interrupt when you notice something that’s not what you want. Say it in your head or out loud.
  • Play the ABC game ( you can do this with your kids too!)
    • When a negative thought comes up, start saying the letters of the alphabet, followed by a word that will positively shift your focus. For example, A is for abundance, amazing or accomplished, etc.; B is for blissful, beautiful, or bright, etc.; C is for calm, confident, charismatic, etc., and so on. This game is powerful because it shifts your focus in a positive direction. The alphabet game takes a little getting used to because you’ll have to train your brain to play the game. In the beginning, you might have to travel down the alphabet a ways to find the relief you’re looking for—don’t be discouraged if you have to go all the way to Z!

Focus on the now, and try to do it in a way that’s going to be resourceful for you in a way that’s going to serve you in the long term.

If you’re in the middle of an uncertain and uncomfortable time, visit The Mind Revolution Podcast, pop in your earbuds, and press play on episode #57: Finding Comfort In Uncertain Times.

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