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Hit a Prosperity Ceiling? How to Bust Through

Our relationship with money involves more than our salary and benefits, and runs deeper than what’s sitting in our investment accounts.

Most of our unconscious beliefs, including those around money, prosperity, and other important topics — were handed down to us from our caregivers, family members, and adults we spent a significant amount of time with as children. What we learned in our youth — whether good or bad, whether positive or negative around money, is what’s likely to be familiar and comfortable to us.

And it can feel uncomfortable to move outside of our comfort zones, even when those zones are keeping us in less than ideal conditions.

Prosperity comfort zones are like our other comfort zones. This is how we know how to do prosperity at whatever level we’re doing it now. We know what to expect there. We know how to manage the money that we have in a specific way, and we understand how to operate and what others expect from us.

Most of us fall into 1 of 4 prosperity comfort zones.

  • Survival and scarcity.
    It’s a hand-to-mouth existence. Consumption and instant gratification are hallmarks of this level, and there’s little, if any, planning for the future.
  • Creating financial security.
    This level is often characterized by corporate or government work, and anywhere where there’s well-defined structure, hard work, good benefits, stability, caution, calculated pleasure spending, and struggling to save for the future. 
  • Entrepreneurship.
    This level is characterized by self-expression, creativity, multiple income streams, investing, an abundance mindset, calculated risk-taking, delegation, and ambition.
  • Innovators, movers, shakers, and philanthropists.
    They use their wealth to improve the existence of many and to leave a deep impact on the world. Think Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey.


As you read the list of the four prosperity zones, did one stand out for you? Did one sound like your upbringing? And did another sound like an exciting place where you want to go next?

Now, the potential dilemma with our current prosperity comfort zone is that within the walls of that zone is our success set point. There’s a range in there with a low and a high bar, and that’s going to determine our moneymaking potential. Venture above the high bar and we can find ourselves in discomfort because we’re out of the comfort zone.

Chances are that we’re not going to travel very far below the low bar either because that will also remove us from the comfort zone and even plunge us into the danger zone — where the stress is often unbearable.

No matter what social class you grew up in, moving out of your prosperity comfort zone, is possible when you do it in steps..

The best way to move up through these prosperity comfort zones is to do so in a gentle, gradual way. By shifting your focus gradually and giving your nervous system time to adjust, you’ll begin to integrate new thought patterns around finances will move your reality in the direction you want to go.

How can we create change and level-up, especially when we have fears and doubts? 

The first thing to know is that your unconscious mind has no concept of time — it thinks everything is happening right now. And everything you’re thinking, not only is it happening, but it’s real because the unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real, imagined, or remembered.

If you’re focusing on how poor you were growing up, your unconscious mind feels as if you’re living in poverty now. 

Reframing your thoughts

It’s useful to recognize and evaluate the thoughts we’re having and ask ourselves if they’re serving us. If not, this is the time when we get to reframe ourselves. By reframing, you’re going to begin to shift the language you use so that it begins to point you in the direction of what you want.

Reframing your thoughts will take time and effort. It takes a commitment to move through the doubts that happen in the middle of that shift. One of the great things about all this work is that you can make a deliberate effort, be really purposeful and proactive in making this change because that’s the only way the change happens. 

Try a vision board

Vision boards work for many of my clients. To create them, I recommend including images that feel good, attainable, and that allows your unconscious mind to see it and say, “Okay. That’s doable. We can do that,” and to begin making a shift in that direction.

If you live in a studio apartment, maybe the mega-mansion on the beach isn’t believable yet, but a cozy and beautiful home with a fenced backyard feels good. And once you accomplish that goal, then go bigger with your next one.

Feeling good is essential. It might sound overly simplified. If your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real, imagined, or remembered. then you want your unconscious mind to know that things are good because then it must bring that essence into your experience by the reticular activating system (the RAS). 

As you do this work, it’s critical to put yourself in situations where you’ll feel prosperity and abundance around you. Think wealthy thoughts. Appreciate all the things you do have, feel good about them, and stay focused on what you want. 

And then, repeat, repeat, and repeat again. 

By consistently and intentionally doing this work, you’re going to find yourself outside of the boundaries of your prosperity comfort zone. And when you do, that means your prosperity comfort zone has now expanded. You’re leaving the old behind and are embracing more of the new. You’re leveling up to get more of what you want, and all you get to do is practice. 

As a result of that practice, what happens is that your old financial setpoint changes. You’ll find yourself achieving more money with more ease, less effort, and it’s going to be consistent, and it’s something that you’re going to expect. It will also probably be a lot of fun.

To hear some personal stories around my prosperity comfort zone journey, listen to episode #27 of The Mind Revolution Podcast: Leveling-up in Your Prosperity Comfort Zone. 

I'm Brenda Terry. I'm a personal development trainer and master coach who works with go-getters like you who want to achieve big results in your business and personal life.

If you're excited and ready to play bigger in business and kill it in life, I help you identify and change beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that aren't supporting your goals so you can make more money, find more joy, better manage relationships, and communicate more effectively.
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