Episode 083

How You’ll Know It’s

Time to Level-Up

Episode 083

How You’ll Know It’s Time to Level-Up

Have you ever noticed how you’re wired to want more? 

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re on a self-development journey. You know intuitively that there’s more in store for your life experience if you can tap into your higher power.

But how exactly do you listen to that inner voice, your higher power, your soul?

Even the idea of “wanting more” makes us uncomfortable. Are we greedy? Can’t we just be satisfied with what we have? When have we reached “enough” success?

Wanting more isn’t about trying to fill a void inside. It’s about becoming aligned with your meaning and purpose. 

Keep in mind that your bank account, your relationships, your work, your pipeline — these are all just symbols of how you’re doing internally.

Ultimately, you want to be “more” of your true self, to get closer to that place where your conscious mind, unconscious mind, and higher conscious mind align.

But before you can make any moves in that direction, you’re going to feel some internal nudges inside that something needs to change. Remember that any time you move out of the comfort zone, it’s going to be… well, uncomfortable.

How do you know when you’re in a state of transition and transformation? Perhaps you:

  • Feel confused. When what used to feel right doesn’t feel good anymore, expect questions to come up and to experience some confusion.
  • Feel unconfident, uncertain, and maybe even stuck — what do you do first?
  • Notice yourself in negative states. Perhaps you’re feeling frustration, sadness, anger, resentment and even regret.

You’ll feel the above when you’re sensing nudges or hearing an inner whisper. Whether you’re unhappy with your finances, relationships, work, or your body, these are all clear signals that something is off. These are our biggest areas of projection. 

So you’re in this icky-feeling stuck place, you know that you can’t go back to the way things were because that wasn’t feeling good anymore either. So now what?

Your higher self is alerting you that it’s time to level-up in one or more areas of your life.

It’s easy to assume that making a change has to look drastic, that you have to start over from scratch with a new business or get yourself out of a stagnant relationship. Sometimes that’s best, but it’s certainly not always the case.

Making a shift towards a new beginning could just mean giving yourself some time and space to establish new boundaries. It could involve replacing what wasn’t working with something that will serve you better. 

This is the time…

  • To make decisions that will allow you to evolve while maintaining a positive state.
  • To find a support system.
  • To do some writing exercises where you ask your unconscious mind, “What’s the shift happening now? What’s being set up that’s going to allow me to take action?”

Transformation is about doing the work on the inside. And the extra-beautiful thing is that the work you do internally will benefit everyone. When you give yourself the time and space to evolve into this leveled-up version, everything else will evolve too. That’s just how it works.

If you’re in this place, congratulations! Better things are in store for you.


Thanks for listening!

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