Episode 027

Leveling-up in Your Prosperity Comfort Zone


Episode 027

Leveling-up in Your Prosperity Comfort Zone

#027: Leveling-up in Your Prosperity Comfort Zone

Beliefs about money — we all have them. And they tend to fall somewhere between “Money is great, and there’s plenty of it for all,” and “Money is evil…and so are those who have it.”

The thing is, no matter where we are on that belief spectrum, we probably didn’t consciously decide what we were going to believe about money. Our beliefs about money — like so many other topics — were handed to us. They came from our parents, our caregivers, or our culture. 

Whatever your beliefs about money, are you happy with your current financial situation? Can you see that the current state of your funds reflects your inherited fundamental beliefs about finances? What is the story you have in your subconscious about money? Is it time for a rewrite? Because if you have negative feelings about money, your unconscious mind is going to make sure you don’t have too much of it.

But the truth is that money is part of the fabric of our lives. We need it to survive and to have a spot in the marketplace. Money gives us options; it can increase our impact; it can give us more free time; it can give us a measure of security. 

And if money can do all of those things, wouldn’t we want to have a positive money story playing in our minds and writing our reality? 

If you inherited negative unconscious thoughts about money, you don’t have to stay with that story. You can rewrite the story, and, in so doing, rewrite your relationship with money.

This requires a blending of the conscious and unconscious minds, which take repetition, repetition, repetition. With patience and baby-step goals that — this is super important — speak to you on an emotional level, you can begin to move in the direction that you want. It’s a matter of writing a new, believable story and of deliberately repeating it to yourself in a toward-motivated way, until your subconscious integrates that new, positive money message.


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