Episode 118

Misconceptions about Creating a Dream Life


Episode 118

Misconceptions about Creating a Dream Life

If you’re here, you’re probably like most of my clients. You want to have something in your life experience, but it’s not here yet. Or, there are some things in your life experience that you don’t like. 


Bottom line, you want change in your life. 


For many of us, things are great in most areas of life, but there are one or two challenging areas. These areas are where our conscious and unconscious minds don’t align. 


In NLP, we say there are two types of problems:

  1. The presenting problem — what’s in our sensory awareness
  2. The deep structure problem — what’s happening underneath in our belief systems. This is the root of the presenting problems.


To achieve the change you’re seeking — you need to align your intention and your behavior. 


To do this, first, let’s clear up some misconceptions:


  • Misconception 1 – Plan for the future by thinking about the future. 
    • The truth – Your unconscious mind understands the difference between the concepts of “present” and “future.” While your unconscious mind exists in an ever-present “now,” if in your “now” you’re thinking of something happening in the future, then you’re communicating the essence of “not here, and not yet” to your unconscious mind. That “not yet” can become a thought and manifestation loop. This is HUGE.


  • Rather than having thoughts and plans for “someday,” get your unconscious mind primed and ready by imagining that what you want is happening now, in this present moment. Let those feelings percolate in the now.


  • Misconception 2 – Keep thinking the same thoughts and get better outcomes.
    • The truth – To get different outcomes, your thinking has to change. 
      • When you think of the person with the outcomes that you want, what do they believe?
      • What do they see in their world?
      • How do they spend their time?
      • What behaviors serve them?


  • Misconception 3 – To create what you want, you have to feel good 24/7.
    • The truth – You live in the real world, and crappy stuff will come into your awareness. You’ll have negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. The key is to become aware of them and address them. We can eradicate automatic negative thoughts with some exercises you can find in the freebies section. Tackle them one at a time as you become aware of them. Perfection isn’t the goal. Awareness is. 


  • Misconception 4 – You can keep your limiting beliefs and make amazing things happen.
    • The truth – For amazing things to happen, you need to tackle those limiting beliefs, changing the underlying structure that will topple the presenting problems in your world.


This isn’t about living a problem-free life. Our world is a mix of positive and negative energy, and it’s impossible to be unaffected by the negative. But we can become aware, address it, and do the world to create a more beautiful life.

Thanks for listening!

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