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Moving Through Your Comfort Zone to get to Positive Change

We’ve had some conversations around here about the comfort zone. We can generally accept that what’s outside the boundaries of the comfort zone is going to be — well, uncomfortable. 

And when you’re in the midst of growth and change, it inevitably involves getting pushing the edges of your personal comfort zone. When you do, it’s going to feel unfamiliar and probably a little awkward and difficult.

This is one reason why I only work with clients who agree that they’re ready to “do whatever it takes” to achieve their goals because I know that without that kind of resolve, most people will start whining about the difficulty of the change work. “It’s too hard,” or, “I can’t do it.” “This is impossible for me.”  

Great news: It’s not too hard. And it’s worth it. 

And more importantly, you are worth it. 

Change is a process worthy of surrender. Until change and pushing our comfort level becomes our natural state, it’s not going to be a pleasure cruise. 

There’s a very good reason why we call it change work

To reach your goals and achieve your desires, you’ve got to maintain your resolve. Once you’re able to put some distance between yourself and the pain that drove you to make the resolve to change in the first place, it’s easy to move backward and drift towards the zone of what’s familiar and comfortable. 

Some people sabotage their own breakthrough by negotiating their way right back into that comfortable place. There’s a lot of certainties and a sense of security there. There’s also a sense of control because we can manipulate a familiar environment. 

There are neurological boundaries to that comfort zone as well. When we try to step out of it, we can feel a pull in our bodies. It’s almost as if there’s a magnetic field pulling us back. You try to get away, but all of a sudden, something pulls you back in. 

Constant and deliberate focus is critical to getting to the other side of a positive change. 

Maintaining a focus on the change you want, the good you seek, and your ultimate goal will keep you in a toward-motivated position. 

And if you keep pushing, bit by bit, positive change will become inevitable. 

In my experience working with breakthrough clients, I’ve never seen it take longer than 60 days. 

As a matter of fact, when my clients buckle in, get to work, and stay focused, it often only takes a couple of weeks.

As they start doing the work, they feel themselves changing, and then, before you know it, by the second month — they begin bumping against the boundary of their comfort zone. 

I call this boundary the danger territory because the comfort zone is very compelling because it makes us feel safe — even if we know that it’s only safe to an extent, and at the same time, it’s keeping us from achieving what we want. 

Let’s play with 60 days. 

Think about it. Less than 60 days from the time you read this article, your life will be different. 

In 60 days, you could:

  • Discover that you can train your focus
  • Learn that if you change your mind, that you absolutely can change your life
  • Hit a wall and keep going
  • Surrender to the knowledge that you’re going to cross over that boundary

Most people, however, make a U-turn when it gets too hard or uncomfortable. They bump up against discomfort and go back to what they know.

And then they go back there falsely believing that change is impossible or that things are always going to be the same or that change is extremely difficult.

Change is hard, and only for a little while. 

For the majority, focus is like a lightbulb. If you turn on a lightbulb, it will light up the whole room, but if your attention were a laser, it would only light up a tiny spot of the room — and it would be really powerful. This powerful focus is what we want. We want to divert your focus away from everything else and direct it specifically toward what you want.

Developing this ability to laser focus on what you desire takes time. And you get to decide if what you want is more valuable than how you’re currently living. Then you have to gauge the cost of staying in the same place, doing the same thing, engaging in the same unresourceful behavior, living life in that space that you know versus going after what you want.

You can absolutely change your life, and you can be at effect and feeling good. 

And making sure that whatever that is, as you’re arriving at it, that you’re doing so from the cause side of the equation and you’re using toward motivation — meaning you’re motivated by the thing that you want, not the thing you’re trying to avoid. 

Honor your revolve. And when the going gets tough, keep your focus. It’s only 60 days. You got this!

How do you want your life to look in 60 days?

If you’d like to hear some more personal stories on pushing past your comfort zone, grab your earbuds and enjoy episode #37 of The Mind Revolution Podcast on Getting to the Other Side of Positive Change.

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