An NLP-based, 6-day self-paced training that will show you how to close sales consistently to welcome more success, growth, and fulfillment doing work you love.
You’ve got your website domain and maybe a basic site up and are ready to start bringing money in the door.

There’s just one problem — and it’s a really big one.

You don’t have enough clients.

You know you need to sell to get clients… BUT…
Selling is downright scary and you don’t wanna do it
You just wish people would flock to your website and buy
You’d love waking up to an inbox full of consults 
I’m telling you this with love — you have a sales problem.
Writing copy
Sending emails
Filing taxes
Sending invoices
These are all components of running a business. And without SALES, you have a hobby at best, not a business.

If you think “sales is a necessary evil,” — then the NLP Selling Series is for you. Skip the rest and register here.
Need more convincing?
Is your calendar for the coming week full of consults with people you’re excited to work with?
Do you get on every sales call feeling empowered and confident?
Have you kicked self-doubt and imposter syndrome to the curb and are consistently converting prospects?
If you answered “no” to any or all of the above questions — this is for you.

Successful selling is a skill and a mindset that not only grows your business — it makes you a better person.

If you think that’s a stretch, join us inside the NLP Selling Series and see for yourself.

Learning to sell using NLP principles has some amazing side effects:
More confidence
A self-esteem boost
Feeling strong in setting and honoring boundaries
You learn to value your time and stop working for free
Becoming selective about who you work with — never again will you think, “I need them to hire me!”
You’ll prove to yourself what a badass you really are
Now, would learning any of the above help you improve your overall life?

Rhetorical question. Of course, this would.
Here’s the logic behind
You are your sales force and therefore must master sales for your business to thrive.

Mastering selling = learning new things.

Learning new things = fuel for your personal growth.

As you grow = you’ll become a natural at selling.

And when you’re a natural at selling = your business grows, you serve in a bigger way, and you believe in yourself and the impact you make.

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming incorporates the most significant components involved in our experience: neurology, language, and programming.

The neurological system regulates how the body functions, language determines how we interact and communicate with ourselves and others, and our programming dictates how we show up in the world.

NLP is the study of human excellence, and here, we’re applying it to develop a successful sales strategy and mindset so that you can master your inner game of success and show up even more powerfully in your business and life.

You’ll have all the tools and strategies you need to sell consistently with integrity, grow your business, and create an impact.

Are you ready for your new prosperous business?

Selling your services so you can grow your business has never felt so aligned.
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$500 Value
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Mastering sales as a business owner happens when you combine a powerful sales strategy with an equally powerful success mindset. The beauty of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is that it puts us back in control of the things we can control: our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions making the selling process more impactful and effective.

Selling is so much easier this way!

The NLP Selling Series is an immersive 6-day, self-paced training where you’ll learn a proven sales process based on NLP principles to close sales consistently to grow your business.

You’ll learn a proven formula to close sales consistently, effectively, and with integrity. This is key to growing your business by serving more clients in an authentic, feel-good way.
SELL with brain science and NLP.
The NLP Selling Series is for you if...
You’re tired of wasting time on discovery calls only for prospects to tell you that you’re too expensive — or worse, ghost you
You think sales are icky and would rather do 2020 over than do another sales consult
You hate marketing, and the idea of self-promotion gives you the creeps
You’re inching closer to burn-out — no matter how hard you try to get clients, you never have enough of what you want — clients, sales, money, opportunities

You’ve read books on selling, listened to podcasts, and attended dozens of business conferences. But none of that has helped you get the confidence to get ahead.

You know you need to do something different, but what?

You already have what it takes for sales success — you just need to reconnect with your purpose, learn the formula, and go sell that thing you love to do!

And PSST… selling is the gateway to doing what you love and getting paid for it.

Stop letting scarcity run the show and instead create a prosperous, damn good business and life.

You hop on Zoom for your next discovery call feeling completely confident and assured
At the end of the month, you see your bank balance and do a happy dance
You’re easily attracting your ideal clients — and trusting there are more on the way
Hitting your revenue goals and embracing success after success
Living with meaning, purpose, and clarity
In just 6 focused days, you’ll tune into NLP’s personal transformation principles and sales techniques — the secret the world’s elite use to master sales, and live abundantly on their terms.
The NLP Selling Series is NOT:
Coercing, forcing or manipulating people just to make an extra buck
Icky, salesy, slimy sales tactics
Brainwashing, controlling, or muscling your way into prospects’ wallets
With The NLP Selling Series, you’ll have the sales tools to sell authentically.
This is different from any other sales program out there. This is about soulful entrepreneurship.
Using NLP, you’ll have the tools you need to align mentally, emotionally, and energetically — this makes change way easier and business more profitable
You’ll begin to transform your brain’s wiring to expect abundance and get more “Heck yesses!” from prospects
Each day, you’ll receive step-by-step formulas to shift your mindset and succeed at selling
Selling with a prosperity mindset is an inside job, so we start on the inside with NLP and brain science.
With the art + science inside The NLP Selling Series, here’s what you get:
Immersive NLP-based selling training including a powerful NLP sequential sales model that will skyrocket your sales success and turn you into a master closer
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A simple process to train your brain for success and prosperity
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How to communicate with prospects and clients so they’ll hear you, trust you, and feel inspired to commit to your offer
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Access to a free Facebook community of soulful biz owners who are taking responsibility of their prosperity mindset and practicing these NLP sales techniques
You’ll have everything you need to create an aligned, abundant business from the inside out.
Here’s what you get over 6 days of NLP-based sales training:
7+ hours of online video training.
A proven, repeatable sales process that works and feels good.
Tools, formulas, and blueprints to support your sales success.
Here’s what we’ll do each day:
Each day, you’ll get an email from me with your daily assignments. You’ll also get reminders for when I’ll go live in the group each day to cover the daily lesson.

Train Your Brain for a Prosperity Mindset
Using specific language to train your brain for prosperity.

The Secret to Getting the "HECK YES" from Your Ideal Clients
Sales the authentic and NLP-based way

The High-Conversion Sales Conversation Blueprint
A proven script and sequence for guiding successful sales conversations.

Self-Sabotage and the Invisible Barriers to Success
Identify the self-defeating cycles of limited thinking and behavior getting you nowhere and do what actually works.

5-Step Formula for Selling Premium Services
Master a premium mindset + craft irresistible offers.

11 Costly Sales Blunders and How to Avoid Them
Powerful awareness to deliver value by leading successful sales conversations.

You'll have new habits that will serve you for life!
While every tool and technique you’ll learn inside The NLP Selling Series will help you go from scarcity to abundance, you’ll be able to apply these principles to business and life.
Are you ready for your new prosperous business?

Selling your services so you can grow your business has never felt so aligned.
Pay in full and get a
FREE private 1:1 coaching call with me!

$500 Value
(this is a limited time bonus)

Here’s how to get in:

Click here to submit your information and payment.

You’ll receive a welcome email with everything you’ll need to prepare for The NLP Selling Series.

You’ll begin the series and get a video lesson each day.

When you pay in full, you’ll get a link to book your private 1:1 coaching call with me on the last day of your training.

Meet your facilitator:

I’m Brenda Terry, an NLP master coach trainer with 30+ years of sales experience who works with service-based business owners who have mindset blocks to living abundantly. I’m here to help you feel good about your life, welcome more success, more joy, and live your purpose so that you can finally, really live the life you want.

I know how to do it because I’ve been there. I used to live in lack and scarcity. I’ve climbed out the other side smiling with a thriving business.

Growing up, there was never enough — money, food, love. I was all too familiar with the feast and famine cycle.

Everything changed for me when I discovered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Using NLP and other powerful transformation tools, I rewrote my abundance belief system. Now I teach people how to identify the beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that aren’t supporting them so that they can reach their goals and find more joy in all areas of their lives. I help them make the powerful, effective shifts they’re craving — faster than they ever thought possible.