Episode 042

On Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

Episode 042

On Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

 Your beliefs — good or bad — are guiding your life experience. 

A problem is that it’s our unexamined beliefs wreak havoc and dictate the quality of our life experience. 

Why? Because we probably don’t even realize that some of our beliefs are beliefs. We assume those beliefs are facts when, in reality, they’re just ideas. They’re nothing more than stories in our heads.

Remember, what you believe and repeat often enough, your unconscious mind will, via the reticular activating system, filter out and deliver to you. So you might as well believe good stuff. Right?

There are three types of beliefs:

  • Fundamental beliefs. These are powerful, die-hard beliefs that you learned as a child. They drive your expectations, your behavior, and your results. They’re the guiding principles you live by — whether you like them or not.
  • Newly adopted beliefs. These are the beliefs that you’ve grown into as you’ve matured and experienced the world for yourself. They’re not as deeply rooted as the fundamental beliefs. They’re newer, fresher, more fragile.
  • Conflicting beliefs. This is what happens when new and old beliefs contradict one another. It’s what happens when new data conflicts with old neurology. Unless sorted out, conflicting beliefs will leave us paralyzed, confused, and feeling stuck.

The challenge is to make sure your beliefs feel good, serve you, and move your life in your desired direction. You can create your own beliefs. You can change your beliefs. Beliefs happen in the mind before you experience them in your environment. The process of changing beliefs requires patience, dedication, and repetition.  

To make sure your beliefs are serving you…

  1. Make a list of your fundamental beliefs. What are your beliefs about other people? What are your beliefs about yourself? About prosperity? About the future? 
  2. Identify whether those listed beliefs serve you. Do they make you feel good? 
  3. For the beliefs that don’t serve you, ask, “How is this belief limiting me?”
  4. Ask, “What would I like to believe instead?”
  5. Answer the question, “How will this new belief serve me?”

It will be some time before you see evidence of your new belief, but don’t let that bother or deter you. Just focus on the big picture and on the outcomes you want…and once you change your beliefs, you’ll change your reality.



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  1. Gerard Hill

    This episode was thought provoking (to say the least). Thank you for facilitating it!


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