Episode 13

On Going One Step Further


Episode 132

On Going One Step Further

I’m in the middle of preparing to launch NLP Sales School. I’ll deliver the NLP material in a very digestible style and format that I’ve never seen before. I’m super proud of and excited about this legacy product that I’m creating.


We’re launching in less than a week, and, to be honest, the process of creating this course hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. It’s been a lot of work! This process has been a reminder that there’s a balance I need to strike between striving for excellence and giving myself a break.


Case in point… This morning I headed downstairs, as usual, to make coffee before heading to my office. But this morning, I felt a tug inside to pause and look out the window. That glance out the window turned into 30 minutes of sitting in gratitude as I sipped my coffee and gazed over the snowy landscape out the window of our new Kentucky home. The view and the moment were simply breathtaking. Taking it all in was nourishment to my soul. 


Then Ron and Gunner came downstairs, and I felt compelled to share the view and those precious morning moments with them. So I did. And when we all had our fill, I felt revitalized, and I headed up to the office, ready to get my game-face on and get to work. 


However, I stopped in my tracks when Ron announced he was going to check out an authentic Mexican market, a place nearby that we hadn’t yet explored. 


My look said it all. “What? I’m the Mexican in this household. If anyone is going to the Mexican market, it should be me!”


But before I could speak the words, I felt another tug and knew what I needed to do. Sure, I would have loved to make a date of it and go to the Mexican market with Ron. But I had just enjoyed our connection, and now another purpose was calling. It was time to work on this course. I’ll enjoy the market sometime soon. But in that moment, I committed to excellence. 


Today’s episode explores the NLP principle of going one step further. Do what’s in your comfort zone, and then go one step further. That’s the path to excellence. 


The beautiful thing about going one step further is that it requires awareness and focus — two of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for creating the life experience you want.  

Thanks for listening!

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