Episode 115

Quantum Leap Thinking to Change Paradigms


Episode 115

Quantum Leap Thinking to Change Paradigms

This week is Integration Week inside our Soulful Business Revolution Program which means that I’ve got more time on my hands. I used this time to revisit an old book that I’ve read again and again, Price Pritchett’s You2. — it’s a quick read and so worth the time. 


The book reminded me that the fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be is to work from the inside out. No doubt, there are things in the physical world that will need to change or to happen, but working from the inside out can allow the external changes to happen with much more ease.


Change starts in the mind and emotions. If you can begin with the end in mind and align your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions with your desired outcomes, you’ll be able to accomplish them. 


As Carl Jung said, your unconscious mind must express itself in your environment via people, circumstances, and events. So, if you want to know what your mind believes to be true, take a look around because your environment is showing it to you 24/7/365. If you like what you notice, keep going. If you want to see something even better, then start doing the focus work and take action that aligns with what you want. Your consistent focus will eventually compel your brain to start making the shifts. And the sooner you get your unconscious mind on board, the better. 


We tend to get stuck in a loop and spin our wheels because we repeatedly tell ourselves the same ol’ stories. And we keep getting the same outcomes as a result.


It’s time to change the story so that you can get a different outcome. Remember, the unconscious mind communicates through stories, symbols, and it loves repetition. 


Maybe you’re skeptical. That’s okay. You can still do the work of thinking about what it would be like to be the receiver of the thing that you want, even if you’re in doubt. Make it a game. By allowing your mind to go to the positive outcome, you’re giving your unconscious mind the tools it needs to get you there. 


Consider this: What if your unconscious mind believed what you told it? Wouldn’t you choose to tell it something good? 


Well, tell it enough times with conviction, and it will believe you. Give it a try.


I invite you to step into your power, into your worthiness. Create your reality by first creating it in your mind. Make it fun. Dream big and let yourself feel the goodness of your dreams becoming your reality. Stay in that state as frequently and for as long as you can. Then watch what happens.

Thanks for listening!

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