Episode 133

Sales, Mindset, Results, and Why it Matters


Episode 133

Sales, Mindset, Results, and Why it Matters

All my clients are doing something to improve the quality of other people’s lives. They’re good at what they do, and they have every reason to be proud of their work. So, why do so many of them feel reluctant and foot-draggy when it comes to selling?


It boils down to mindset. The reason you have a hard time confidently inviting prospects to become your client so that you can positively impact their lives is the same reason you have a hard time expressing what you want and need in your relationships. 


Our personal lives are often riddled with passive-aggressiveness and hint-dropping while hoping others read our minds. It’s as if we’re wishing our way to helping people see that we’re good enough to help them — and all without saying a word. In NLP, we call this living at effect.


Translated into the business setting, we hope we’ll get noticed and hired without doing the work. And when clients do sign up with us, we often second-guess our service’s value.


The beautiful thing about sales is that you know how you’re doing by looking at your results. There’s no guessing here. 


And how you’re doing in sales will be a reflection of how you’re doing in life and your personal development. 


The skills you need to excel in business are the same ones that will help you excel in relationships, your personal habits, and in daily disciplines.


Sales, to me, is a big metaphor for life. It says, “I’m someone who can speak about the things I want. I can ask for what I want. And I can talk about the goodness that I have to share and explain, in a way that you can understand, how it’s going to serve and benefit you.” 


This is why selling with NLP lights my fire. You can learn to step into other people’s models of the world and lead them to other models where they have more choice. You can learn to speak to individual prospects in a way that they can best hear and understand your offer. You can more effortlessly find and communicate win-win solutions that are compelling and full of integrity.


This is why I created the NLP Sales School. And all the material is directly applicable to life and relationships in general. You, your business, and your life are worth the investment. 

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