Align your business with your purpose.
Own your business and life.

Train your mind to become a magnet for massive business success through coaching, support, strategic training, accountability, and community.

You’ll not only have the tools but the built-in time to implement what you learn. Welcome to the aligned way to doing business.
You know you’re meant for more. You have a unique set of skills and knowledge that you know can help people and make an impact.
Does this look familiar?
You’re tired of going through the motions in your business only to wind up with flat revenue — or worse; you’re working long hours for little in return
You have a big vision for your business and have read books, attended the conferences, bought the courses, and tried almost everything, but you’re not making progress
You crash at the end of the day feeling exhausted — maybe it feels like your clients are draining and the work isn’t inspiring anymore
You’re craving more meaning, purpose, and direction
You’re inching closer to burn-out — you’re not sure how much longer you can keep up this pace
Perhaps, you find yourself stuck in a self-defeating cycle of negative thinking, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behavior that’s getting you nowhere.

Maybe you’re worried that the self-defeating cycle will never end.

It doesn’t have to.
Transformation is all about process — it takes consistent effort and time.

Business strategy is one thing, but getting your brain on board with the soulful business owner you want to be is another story.

This is about you and your business growing together.

Your success, money, joy, and well-being are on the other side.
What if instead...
You’re inching closer to your big vision for an incredibly profitable and fulfilling business
You're crystal clear about how your business will serve you, your family, and the impact you'll make
You feel more connected to everyone – deeper love and appreciation for your clients, your team, your family, and friends
You show up fully authentic and aligned in your business
You experience more feel-good success and abundance in your life and bank account
Soulful Business Revolution is for you if you want to run a successful business and live an abundant, fulfilling life. This is all about feeling good on your way to achieving the success you crave.

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming incorporates the most significant components involved in our experience: neurology, language, and programming.

The neurological system regulates how the body functions, language determines how we interact and communicate with ourselves and others, and our programming dictates how we show up in the world.

NLP is the study of human excellence, and here, we’re applying it to your personal and business growth so that you can master your life and show up even more powerfully in your work.

Inside this 12-month mentorship, coaching and training program, you’ll have all the tools and strategies you need to create a success mindset, grow your business, and make an impact.

Learn and grow while being fully supported through coaching, mentoring, and community.

The training, accountability, and support inside Soulful Business Revolution will give you a clear blueprint to align YOUR PURPOSE with your BUSINESS — you’ll do it with a team of coaches and experts to support you every step of the way.

This is how we do it:
Everything starts with your NLP Personal Breakthrough.
In this life-changing breakthrough program, we’ll use NLP, Let It Go Coaching™ techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping, hypnosis, and more to address the roadblocks standing in the way of your abundance, prosperity, and success.

This type of breakthrough work is all about process and is different from traditional NLP breakthroughs due to the depth of the work. The work is intentional, methodical, and eye-opening. The result is deep healing and personal transformation. This is the key to creating flow in your business.

The lifetime value of NLP breakthrough work is immeasurable.
Here’s what you can expect during the process:
You’ll identify your stuck points and eliminate them
You’ll let go of the baggage that’s been holding you back
You’ll learn how you make things happen in your life and learn to do what works
You’ll transform in specific and targeted ways
In addition to your personal breakthrough, you’ll also get:

You’ll begin to heal your relationship with money and what it represents in your life by working directly with your unconscious mind to rewrite your prosperity belief system so you can tap into your inner power to create more prosperity and success.

Value: $1,500

Learn powerful NLP principles for the conscious use of language, creating reality, improving your communication, establishing rapport, understanding buying and decision-making strategies, becoming magnetic, and selling with integrity.

Value: $1,800

Focusing on stages 1-4 of a Soulful Business, you’ll have the practical tools to unlock clarity, meaning, and purpose so you can take intentional action to grow your soulful business.

Value: $1,000

Learn a proven formula to close sales consistently, effectively, and with integrity. This is where mindset and strategy come together to support you in growing your business by serving more clients in an authentic, feel-good way.

Value: $1000

You’ll have opportunities every week to get answers to your questions, use NLP techniques to chip away at any perceived limitations, and create momentum. Stay on track with NLP-certified coaches guiding you.

Value: $1,500

Keep your intentions fresh and leverage the momentum and support of the group to stay on track. Here, we’ll do clarity checks, prioritize tasks, and set daily goals the NLP way. Everyone is cheering for you at every step.

Value: $2,000

This is where you’ll hold your “feet to the fire” for laser-focused action, accountability, and results for your business. You’ll get to take part in hot seats, group feedback, and accountability. 

Value: $1,200

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs cloud our thinking and limit our choices. Find relief and clarity by using NLP time techniques to release negative emotions and eliminate limiting beliefs at an unconscious level.

Value: $1,000

Hop into our hypnosis audio collection to get into feel-good states, manage stress, balance your energy, and control your emotions to stay focused and on the abundance and prosperity track.

Value: $500

From Goal-Getting Blueprint Workshops to masterclasses, you’ll deep dive into achieving your big goals and learn about topics that will help you grow in each stage of your soulful business with purpose and improve yourself in the process.

Value: $1,200

You’ll learn a simple approach to writing copy that converts. From your website copy to content, email sequences, sales copy, and more, you’ll get expert eyes on your copy through our workshops and copy reviews.

Value: $1,500

Come and get the tedious, challenging work done that will propel your success in the company of soulful business owners all doing the same thing. Yay team!

Value: $1,000

Excluding your NLP breakthrough, that's a total value is $15,750 

And your price is significantly less than that. 

The only program of its kind — Soulful Business Revolution is more than just high-level training.

With 25+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, an NLP master coach and trainer, I know how to guide you to become an aligned human and a successful, profitable, and soulful business owner.

You won’t find this combination in any other business training program.

This revolution is part mentorship, part coaching, and part training — and all about your holistic success. 
Position your business for alignment, abundance, and impact.

The support we’ve built-in for you is 12 intense months of coaching, healing, accountability, and expert advice and implementation as you grow your business.

Look at where we’ll focus together over 12 months.

You’ll have the opportunity to make great strides and we’ll be there to support you through every phase.

Awareness Period (month 1)

Begin breakthrough process
Identify mental and emotional blocks and wounds from the past
Then begin rewriting your prosperity belief system using our For The Love of Money program
(months 2 - 3)

Continue breakthrough work with a focus on creating consistency
Step into self-worth, and practice radical self-care
Begin adopting practices and thinking that will support your growth
(months 4 - 6)

Align life values at an unconscious level using NLP techniques
Begin making the big shifts that lead to greater clarity and stronger momentum
Connect your flow of prosperity in business, life, health, and relationships
Power & Purpose
(months 6-12)

The vision for your business is becoming your new reality
You value yourself and it shows in everything you do
You'll be in the flow — success will feel natural and totally normal
Soulful Business Revolution
is for service-based business owners who:
Want to do more aligned work with higher-level clients
Are side-hustling and still have a 9-to-5 and are committing to going all-in on their business
Can dedicate 3-5 hours each week to focusing on the training, attending live sessions or watching replays, and doing the work
Are community seekers who want to surround themselves with others who are also doing the work — remember, you’re the result of the handful of people you invest your time with!
Running a business is like running a marathon. Sure, you can show up on race day and figure it out, but you’d be better served to understand the sport, the training strategies, and the mindset necessary to complete the race. Here, we're all about racing to win.
5 x 1-hour private coaching sessions with Brenda
Value: $3,000

6 x 45-minute NLP Coaching sessions with a Soulful NLP Program Coach
Value: $1,350

Soulful Business Accelerator 3-Day Live Event +1VIP Day

Complete Money Brain Blueprint Self-paced course
Value: $1,200

3 x 1-hour private coaching sessions with Brenda
Value: $1,800

3 x 30-minute private coaching sessions with a Soulful NLP Program Coach
Value: $450

Soulful Business Accelerator 3-Day Live Event

Complete Money Brain Blueprint Self-paced course
Value: $1,200
Your mentor on your Soulful Abundance Journey:

I’m an NLP master coach trainer who works with service-based business owners who have mindset blocks to living truly abundantly. I’m here to help you feel good about your life, welcome more success, more money, and tap into your purpose so that you can finally, really live the life you want.

I know how to do it because I’ve been there. I used to live in lack and scarcity. I’ve climbed out the other side smiling with a thriving business and aligned soul.

Growing up, there was never enough — money, food, love. I was all too familiar with the feast and famine cycle.

Even when I first started on my entrepreneurial journey, I fell into the feast and famine mode.

Everything changed for me when I discovered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Using NLP and other powerful transformation tools, I rewrote my success belief system. Now I teach people how to identify the beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that aren’t supporting them so that they can reach their goals and find more joy in all areas of their lives. I help them make the powerful, effective shifts they’re craving — faster than they ever thought possible.

Are you ready to step into your soul’s most abundant and aligned version of yourself?

Wonderful, here’s how to get in:

Click here to apply and at the end of your application, you’ll see a link to book a call with me.

During our conversation, we’ll discuss your application, business, and answer any questions you have.

After our interview, you’ll get everything you need to get started right away.

Questions before you join? See if your answer is below. You are also welcome to email us at or apply to schedule a call.

Why a 12-month program?
In my one-on-one NLP Breakthrough Coaching work, I saw first hand how my clients received the best results and created lasting transformation when working together over 12 months. I fully trust in my soul that lasting change requires a time and energetic investment. This program is not about quick fixes; it’s about creating an aligned business to support your legacy.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
This program is about taking action and you’ll get out what you put in. I guarantee you WILL have the blueprint to get rid of the baggage, dump the limiting money beliefs that have plagued you in the past, and learn how to achieve your biggest goals by applying the cutting-edge techniques of the world’s top performers.

If this doesn’t change your life for the better, just let me know within the first 60 days of the training, send your completed work to show you’ve taken action, and you’ll get your money back — no awkwardness.

Can I pay monthly?
Yes you can. We’re happy to offer you a flexible way to invest in this program — you can pay all at once or pay monthly.

What can I expect from Soulful Business Revolution?
This program is like nothing else available. Expect to watch lessons each week. You’ll get worksheets, audios, and tasks to support your soulful business growth. You’ll have access to the program for 12 months so that you can watch the lessons anytime!

What if I have questions?
I love your questions and this will help everyone learn! You’ll learn from others’ too. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions in the weekly Q&As and inside the community.

Who is in the community?
Studies show that we learn more by interacting with others and discussing new learning materials. You’ll have the opportunity to connect in a private Facebook group for the whole program. Your Facebook friends won’t be able to see that you’re in the group or what you share inside. The community is a safe space filled with like-minded people to help you get the accountability you need.

I'm not on Facebook? Can I still participate?
Yes! You’ll have access to all the trainings, downloads, and Q&A session recordings. The Facebook community gives you the added benefit of getting to know other big-hearted business owners.

How much time will I need to complete the program?
Allow 3-5 hours per week to review the materials and take action. You’ll also have periodic implementation time built into the schedule so that you can catch up.

5 x 1-hour private coaching sessions with Brenda
Value: $3,000

6 x 45-minute NLP Coaching sessions with a Soulful NLP Program Coach
Value: $1,350

Soulful Business Accelerator 3-Day Live Event +1VIP Day

Complete Money Brain Blueprint Self-paced course
Value: $1,200

3 x 1-hour private coaching sessions with Brenda
Value: $1,800

3 x 30-minute private coaching sessions with a Soulful NLP Program Coach
Value: $450

Soulful Business Accelerator 3-Day Live Event

Complete Money Brain Blueprint Self-paced course
Value: $1,200
Soulful Business Revolution is priceless for its extreme relevance, resonance, and connection personally/to myself (and hence my business). By starting within, and with Brenda rooting for you each and every single step of the way, the changes are truly transformative.  I am so grateful for the continued abundance and prosperity that keeps flowing to me as I open up to allowing and receiving. And a big part of that is how much "safer" I feel, how much more aligned I am, and how congruent I feel. As Brenda has mentioned, it is simple - not always easy, but simple, effective, and practical.  It really is transformative - and the claim is real!
This is the best program I have ever experience in my life. I now have a deep understanding of how my brain works so I can get past the roadblocks and move forward. The support is unsurpassed.  I love the group!!!I am feeling freer than I have for years. Its like weights are being lifted from me continually. I can't believe how energized I am now! If you want to feel the love of the universe, this is the place to be.
Brenda continues to awaken a very beautiful place within me, one that has been there all along but kept hidden by different roles I “professionally” played.  Soulful Business Revolution keeps developing specific soulful entrepreneurial qualities and making me more effective as a business owner from a soulful level. It has changed the way I look at things and I am excited to realize my entrepreneurial aspirations. Once I peeled back the layers and worked on my mindset and eliminated the limiting beliefs my relationships and revenue skyrocketed to....$115,000+ revenue in 1.5 months!!
Money was the topic but it wasn't the central focus, but how worthiness, prosperity, and abundance affect all areas of our lives. The workbooks, hypnosis, and Q&A helped me eliminate deep limiting and negative beliefs. My outlook and even my relationships are so much better. This program is life-changing — the more you participate the more you’ll see results.

I've spent tens of thousands on coaching and courses, and this program has tied it all together in a neat package. My only regret is that I wish I started 10 years ago!
I wasn’t sure this would work for me, but I loved every component — it made me want to learn even more and continue the journey. The modules and worksheets were well-presented and thorough. I also loved the hypnosis, Q&A, and live sessions — it all worked together beautifully. I feel very supported and connected to a group of like-minded people.
The shifts on the inside have created a better quality of life. I’m experiencing more good feeling moments more often, and now I know I can make the money I want to make.

The hypnosis audio series is so diverse and effective. I also found tapping (EFT) the most helpful because right when a negative belief comes up, I start to interrupt that pattern and ultimately calm my nervous system back down so that I can focus on what I want. This program is incredible and will help with aligning your beliefs.

I’ve learned how to better deal with stress and now have the tools I need to improve my emotions. This has changed my way of focus, and more importantly, I now know how to calm myself down. I hands-down recommend this program — it’s absolutely worth it!
This program surpassed all my expectations — I learned so much! I enjoyed EFT, hypnosis, the insightful modules, and all the group coaching calls.
This helped me question my upbringing, behaviors, and education, which led me to identify why I made certain choices and developed limiting beliefs. I enjoyed the worksheets, assignments, and hypnosis audios. I feel very hopeful about my future. These tools are very effective and user-friendly
This program covered more than what I thought it would! Brenda goes above and beyond. I love the group calls, hypnosis, Q&A, EFT, and learning about how the brain works. I am now more aware of my feelings and able to control them. And I’m even developing better habits that are guiding me towards my goals. I trust myself so much more now. I’m taking away so much knowledge that I can apply to all the things I want in life.
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