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Staying Motivated to Change Your Life

We work to improve ourselves because we want something different than what we have today. And on the other side of the transformation we crave, means doing things differently than how we do them now. 

Maybe you’ve decided you’re unhappy with something (or many things) in your current life, and you want to make a change. 

You listen to a great podcast episode, read an enlightening self-help book, attend a conference, or go on an eye-opening retreat, and you’re filled with inspiration. 

At the end of the podcast episode, when you’re finished with the book, or when the event comes to a close, the motivation begins to fade. 

Your momentum screeches to a halt, and then reality hits you.

Change feels HARD.

And, while you enjoyed feeling inspired — inspiration alone isn’t going to make change happen for you. 

Because you’re reading this, I’m going to act as if I’m your coach. Which means I’m going to push you beyond your boundaries to create a change that you’re after.

A peek into my purpose
My purpose was to create a place where people could learn, then take those lessons and then apply it to their lives. I am here to serve in a really big and impactful way.

I discovered that while I create massive change in the lives of my one-on-one clients, I could create the same impact on more people — and then they lead better lives, and so on and so on — the ripple effect gives me goosebumps. 

Making a more significant compound impact meant that I had to put my messages out there in a new way. And that can feel scary.

It looks a little silly because who walks around saying, “Hey, I’m going to start a podcast, write a blog, and launch a course. I’m just going to be awesome and out there in the world so people can find me. And I’m going to tell everyone that I’m here, and I’m showing you how awesome this work is…” Maybe you’d look at me strange if I said this to you. 

That’s okay because most people don’t think this way. 

I had to do some work on myself, with myself, with the people who support me — meaning other trainers and coaches — to help me get on that path of what I know is my purpose.

I know that you have a purpose too. You’re not just here to live your life, work a job, pay your bills, and have a relationship that kind of makes you feel good, kind of doesn’t, to like yourself some days, and other days you don’t. 

You are not here to live a mediocre life. 

And I know because you’re reading this. You’re here to be great. We’re here to express ourselves. There’s a reason that we always have that inkling inside to grow. 

How I get there, and how I help my clients get there is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy®, and hypnosis.

But the purpose, it’s much bigger than that. 

The purpose is to help you connect with you. Not the you that’s comparing yourself to others. Not the version that’s living the life that feels kinda-sorta alright. NO! The you inside is the one who’s ready to kick some serious butt. 

You’re the person who’s ready to make a difference — and I’m here to help you.

And you have to do the work.

No one can make the change for you — it’s up to you.

Whenever you want to make a change, there’s an internal tug-of-war going on between two sides of yourself. 

There’s part of you who wants to change. Then there’s the other part who prefers the ease and certainty of what’s always been. After all, doing the same thing is predictable, comfortable, and, though it might not be great, it’s familiar. This familiar place is also called the comfort zone — and not because it’s comfortable, but because it feels like what we’re used to.

Now, keep going out there and getting inspired. Read this article and feel inspired. Inspiration is great because it can create just enough of a spark for us to take action. 

The next time you feel inspired and want to follow through with your goals, here are some tips: 

  • Notice patterns.
    Remember that old habits and limiting beliefs are nothing more than patterns of thought you’ve repeated over and over again. They’re powerful, though, because once you’re in the middle of a pattern, it’s nearly impossible to get out of it. The key is to anticipate the triggers that set a pattern into motion and then interrupt that pattern as soon as you recognize what’s happening.
  • Pay attention to your language.
    Are you making disempowering statements? By listening to your language (that includes your thoughts too!), you’ll be cued into the orientation of your mindset — away-from what you don’t want or toward what you do want. It might seem like a small thing, but it matters. When your language focuses on the positive and more toward what you want, you train your brain to align you with welcoming more good things into your life.
  • Keep high-vibe company. 
    Hang out with people whose goals align with yours. If you’re spending lots of time with away-from-motivated people, you’ll easily get sucked back into that negative mentality. Do your best to keep your environment positive.
  • Be patient with yourself. 
    Replacing old neural patterns with new ones takes time and lots of practice. Give yourself plenty of grace as you make the shift. 
  • Celebrate all your wins.
    Do something daily that you’re proud of, no matter how small — and then be sure to pause, reflect, and celebrate at every turn. Celebrating your wins is important in building your momentum and building a foundation for bigger goals.
  • Love yourself through the change process.
    Celebrate all your wins — big and small. Remind yourself that making the conscious change is all about self-love, and as such, it’s helpful to make the process a self-loving, self-caring endeavor. Practice patience and grace, and focus on the result you’re craving.  


If you want to change, know this 
The desire for change has to be greater than the allure of staying in what’s comfortable and familiar. You can do it by loving yourself, trusting that you’re worth it, and believing in yourself enough to get it done.

If you’re ready to change and want to go deeper into making change work for you, visit The Mind Revolution Podcast, pop in your earbuds, and press play on episode #56: On Saving Yourself From Yourself.

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