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The Lies We Tell Ourselves and the Truths to Squash Them (Part 2)

Many of us might be feeling fear these days — and even if it’s not at a high level, it’s like a quiet buzz that we’re subtly aware of beneath the surface. 

And when it comes to feeling fear, it’s something you could be feeling today based on experience — last week, five years ago, when you were a child, or even indirectly passed down from an ancestor. 

This experience affects our nervous system. When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, this means you’re resting, everything is in balance, you’re feeling pretty good. And then when the sympathetic nervous system kicks in, it tells us we need to be on high alert (this is when fear kicks in).

I’m human, and I’m right here with you. Though I’m congruent most of the time, I have my moments. It’s times like these when it’s helpful to extend grace to ourselves and soak up the positive truths.

In last week’s article, I discussed four common lies that can keep us feeling stuck. Then, we turned those lies on their heads and listed the truths you can use to combat those lies. I could have kept going with more lies and truths, but I aim to keep this information concise and easily digestible for you. 

Here, I’m taking on three more lies and the corresponding truths that will send the lies packing. 

Why are we doing this? 

Sometimes life feels hard. When something happens, it messes with our sense of what’s normal, and it’s easy to fall prey to negative emotions and thoughts. Hopefully, what you read here will help shift you toward a more positive state, and even offer up some lightbulb moments that will feel empowering. 

I invite you to look around and see how you’re being affected so that you can have the awareness to make choices that are going to support you in staying on track for yourself. Because part of staying on track right now is giving yourself a little room to not be so on track. 

And from there, as you feel steady and stable — start making forward progress.

These three lies are foundational to our lives. I see this in client work all the time, and, in my past experiences. It’s incredible to me to see how much we’ve built our lives based on these lives that absolutely changes the direction of everything we do. It shifts our focus to things we want that maybe aren’t aligned with who we truly are. And then, we start creating results because of all of that. When those results don’t quite satisfy us, we start thinking about change.

Here are the three lies that keep us chasing something that’s out of reach — and the flip side — the truth.

Lie #1: “You have to be, do, or have something to be loved.” “If only I were ________, then I could feel loved.” “When I achieve _________, then things will be different.”

No, friend, love is unconditional. You are loved already. You are so loved. You were loved from the start, and you’re loved now. It’s not something you need to achieve or earn. 

Love is an inside job. When you love and appreciate yourself first, the result will be that you’ll begin to feel love from others and also love others unconditionally.

Combat the lie with this truth: You are loved. And you are love. 

Lie #2: “You don’t deserve to have what you want.”

The power of this lie stems from the notion that we have limitations and scarcity. We have these ideas that were conditioned into us as young children — ideas that have been perpetuated by our negative focus. The truth is that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it.  

Combat the lie with this truth: You deserve to have exactly what you want. Focus on it, commit to doing the work to actualize it, and you will get there.

Lie #3: “You’re not good enough.”

Not good enough for what, specifically? Not good enough compared to what? It’s easy for just about anyone to believe this lie, but it’s time we recognize that lie for what it is. It’s only existing at-effect neurology that we can rewrite with the truth. 

Combat the lie with this truth: You are good enough. You were born good enough. You will always be good enough. 

I call these “lies” because they are just that — untruths. You were born capable, worthy, and loved. You were born good enough. You were — and are. And now’s the time to start believing it.

Look at your life experience and your environment and see if you can look at these lies (and these ones too) and begin reframing them with truth. I call them lies for that specific reason, to let you know they’re untrue. 

Lies could be present, but that doesn’t mean they’re true. 

You could choose to believe something else that serves you. Anything in your life you’re believing is a belief. Only you have the power to change those beliefs. I’m certainly not saying it’s easy, because it isn’t — belief work is hard work. 

You’re reading this, so I’m guessing that you’re at least curious about what all of this stuff means. If you’re living it, it’s because you believe it. If you want a different life experience, then you’ve got to believe ideas that align with what you want. 

I call these lies because they are. At the end of the day, you were born capable. You were born worthy. You were born good enough. You were born loved. You simply were. 

Now it’s time to start believing it.

If you enjoyed this article, you’ll also enjoy the audio version. Just by listening, you’ll probably tap into more profound insights. Press play on episode #62 of The Mind Revolution Podcast: The Lies We Tell Ourselves and the Truths to Squash Them (Part 2).

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