Episode 125

The Life-Changing Power of Redefining Deserving


Episode 125

The Life-Changing Power of Redefining Deserving

Are you deserving of all good things?

Deep down, do you FEEL deserving?

When I asked the folks in my Abundance Breakthrough that question, I got a mixed bag of answers. Some people said yes, others said sometimes, and some said, “I feel like I have to earn my deserving.”

Many of us grew up with ideas from religion or household rules or other life philosophies about deserving being a prerequisite to having good things, so it’s understandable that the idea of deserving is deeply ingrained in many of us. Deserving presupposes that we have to achieve, do, or prove something to be worthy of having what we want.  

Here’s my next question: Who decides what or how much you deserve?

Here are some sobering things I’ve observed about the concept of deserving:

  • Deserving assumes we have to do something to have good things. And if you don’t do those things, then you don’t deserve the good things you want.
  • If we’ve done “good,” then we might feel entitled to those good things — like somebody owes us something.
  • Then entitlement puts us at effect because we’re expecting people or situations outside of ourselves to fulfill a desire.
  • A feeling of deservingness can lead to inaction. If we feel like we’re already deserving, it can lead to an I-should-already-have-it attitude and a failure to take action toward what we want. 
  • The concept of deserving can result in justification for bad behavior. “I deserve this, so I’m going to just take it.”
  • Deserving can lead to self-sabotage. “I’ve been good lately, so I’m going to cheat on my diet today. I deserve this.”


What if instead of working to be deserving you believed that: 

  • You don’t “deserve” abundance in the same way you don’t “deserve” scarcity.
  • You don’t “deserve” good health in the same way you don’t “deserve” disease.
  • You don’t “deserve” love in the same way you don’t “deserve” pain.
  • You don’t “deserve” success in the same way you don’t “deserve” failure.


Think of how your focus would shift and how you would use your time and energy. 

I help my clients unlink the concept of deserving from anything they want to achieve all the time because that narrative is outdated and irrelevant. We would be better served by focusing more on congruence and alignment with the abundance and worthiness inherent within each of us.

Thanks for listening!

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