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The Only Life-Changing Thing You Have 100% Control Over

I’m going to throw a big phrase at you, get ready…

The Mathematical Theory of Communication.

There’s no need to reach for your calculator. Stay with me here.

According to this theory, your unconscious mind processes somewhere between 2 to 11 million bits of information per second while your conscious mind only processes 50 to 60 of those bits. Only 50 to 60 of those bits reach your awareness every second.

Here’s the kicker — you get to choose which 50 to 60 bits reach your awareness. You can control what you let in. This is powerful because your internal representations — meaning how you interpret outside events — is determined by those 50 to 60 bits. 

The only thing you can control are those 50 to 60 bits of information per second that reach your consciousness.

This is about feeling like you’re in the driver’s seat of your life — knowing you have control over your experience.

This isn’t about trying to control every little aspect of your life — but it is about controlling what you can.

We talk about being at cause — knowing you are responsible for your results, living the life you want to live, and creating your reality. All this can happen when you harness those 50 to 60 bits of information.

It really is as simple as it sounds — and not easy. This requires focus and intentional repetition.

Now, we all have a negativity bias. 

Ever notice how those positive, feel-good moments are kinda fleeting? And how negative moments seem to last forever? The reason for that is because our brain is designed to protect us by looking out for the bad stuff and anticipating worst-case scenarios. It’s how we’re wired. 

But research tells us that we have the power to control what our brain does with information through the power of our focus. So, if we want to experience positive outcomes, we’ve got to focus on the positive. Because controlling what we focus on is how we can counter that negativity bias.

By consistently shifting your focus, you’ll notice positive changes in your overall life experience. 

It all begins with focusing your conscious mind on what you want, which, when repeated often enough, directs your unconscious mind to support you in experiencing more of what you want. 

Your unconscious mind will filter to your conscious mind the essence of what you’ve been focusing on consistently. And by the way, you’re already choosing your 50-60 bits that come into your conscious awareness. Here, we’re focusing on choosing them on purpose. 

Let’s focus on controlling what we can control. Here are three ways to do that:

1. Watch your language.
This is the first thing my clients work on after releasing negative emotions and eliminating limiting beliefs. They learn to watch the language they use in their thoughts and out loud.

    • The disempowering words you hear that come into your mind are a reflection of negative talk on the inside. Focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want. 
    • Be mindful of what you say to others. Your unconscious mind takes everything personally, and complaints are just an invitation for more negative things to come into your awareness. So, talk about the good stuff and focus on finding solutions more than problems.
    • Observe what you say and believe about yourself. It all starts and ends with you. The people in our lives, including the things they say and do, are merely a reflection of what we — consciously or unconsciously — are currently focusing on. When you see beauty and awesomeness in others, it’s a reflection of what’s happening inside of you in the moment. 

2. Notice your environment.
After all, it’s a reflection of your inward state. When things aren’t going well, shift your focus. Now I’m not saying that just by shifting your focus, your entire life will change overnight. I am saying that by shifting your focus consistently, you’re going to begin to notice a shift in your overall life experience. When things are going great in your environment, pat yourself on the back and keep it up! You’re controlling the controllables! You’re taking those 50 to 60 bits, reining them in, and owning them. You’re focused, and things are starting to shift.

If you notice elements that don’t feel good in your environment, know that this is your projection. Because we can only process 50 to 60 bits out of the 2 million available, you can only see things outside that are in you. Gently remind yourself that this is a work in progress, and then go back to focus on what you want. 

3. Choose your trance.
As Milton Erickson said, “Everybody is in a trance,” yours or somebody else’s. We’ve hypnotized ourselves with our language and experience by noticing all the things we notice. All of that creates a belief system, and a belief system is nothing more than a trance that we’re buying into. Your beliefs are yours, and the beliefs of others are theirs. Bring these two people together, and Milton Erickson would say you’re looking at two people having two different trances. 

We’re all filtering life through a set of beliefs. Decide what you want to believe and focus on believing it. You can choose your trance!

Doing the above will help you control the controllables — those thoughtfully-chosen 50 to 60 bits coming to your consciousness each second.

When you’re controlling the controllables, you can see the best in your children, find the positive things in that once annoying coworker, see the love in your partner’s gaze, and stop blaming external factors when things go awry. 

You’ll begin to live from this positive experience more often — stay there as much as you can. While you won’t be able to stay there all the time because stuff happens, but you can make a conscious choice to come back. The 50 to 60 bits are the only thing we control. 

You’re in charge. No one else can choose those powerful bits for you but you. It has to come from you.

If you want to go deeper into controlling what you can, pop over to The Mind Revolution Podcast and press play on episode #50: Controlling the Controllables.

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