Episode 086

The Only Thing(s) You

Have Power Over

Episode 086

The Only Thing(s) You Have Power Over

I recorded this episode the day before the United States would elect their next president. U.S. citizens and residents of every stripe and color have been on edge over the past several months due to many things — lockdowns, protests, riots. Folks on all ends of the political spectrum feel anxious and fearful about what may be in store if their candidate loses.

The fear and uncertainty runs thick and has seeped into seemingly every corner of our culture. My clients, whom I deeply respect, are across the entire spectrum. 

NLP has taught me that everyone is doing the best with the resources they have. This helps me respect others right where they are. 

I’ve also learned that in the end, we all want the same things — love, certainty, and safety. And behind every behavior — yes, even crappy, jerky behaviors — there’s a positive intention. 

Let that sink in for a minute. 

During this election season, some clients have accused me of not having a political opinion. Sometimes they say I don’t care about what happens to our country this November. And nothing could be further from the truth.

My commitment to myself and my clients keeps me focused on the things I (and my clients) can control. 

The presidential election is not one of those things.

While this may feel like a do-or-die election — is it really? Is the result of the election going to change your health-and-wellness situation? Will it improve the quality of your personal relationships? Is the president-elect going to keep you on track with your personal development goals? 

We get so worked up over this out-of-our-control election, yet we would be better served to tend to the things we can control.  

There are only four things over which you have complete control. And when you’re intentional about them, you will see positive results in your life, and quickly. Here they are:

  1. Your thoughts. While it’s true that others can influence your thinking, your thoughts are your own. No one else can think them for you. And if you have negative or unpleasant thoughts, you can change them. Recognizing when you have negative thoughts is half the battle.
  2. Your feelings. Yes, it’s true! You can control the way you feel. When you’re in a funk, recall a happy time — a time when you felt fulfilled, energized, or loved. Your mind can transport you back to that time. Notice how your feelings instantly shift.
  3. Your language. The words you speak with your mouth and with your mind matter. You get to control the narrative. Keep your story and your commentary positive, and watch your environment conform to that positivity.
  4. Your behavior. No one can control your actions or conduct, but you. Be the good you want to see in the world, and the world will reflect goodness back to you.

Let this episode empower you to take control of the things you can. You have the power to place your focus on the things that only you can control. 

So, this week (and every week after), instead of getting bogged down in things outside of your control, focus on your thoughts, your state, and on doing what feels good. That’s where you’ll truly find happiness and a sense of security and safety.


Thanks for listening!

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