Episode 105

The Perils of Having a Magic Bullet Mindset


Episode 105

The Perils of Having a Magic Bullet Mindset

Magic bullet promises are everywhere – on your phone, your desktop, and your television. Everywhere you look there’s an offer of an easy fix to lifelong problems. While the promise is alluring, we have to dig deeper to find the evidence of true results. We’re bombarded with quick-fix messages that tell us that…


  • if you do this one thing, you’re going to have this amazing result
  • one email can absolutely dramatically shift your business
  • one Facebook Live is going to get a bunch of people to enroll in your program
  • if you follow this eating plan for a week, you’ll drop 30 pounds
  • if you take that this pill, everything you want is going to be in your experience
  • if you follow this advice, it’ll solve all your problems


So many promises, but it never really pans out that way, does it? Magic bullets may sell, but they don’t do much else besides leave us disappointed and looking for someone or something to blame for unfulfilled expectations.  


I’ve bought plenty of programs, taken courses, and read books, and while some did provide a piece of the overall puzzle, they certainly didn’t offer an enduring solution.


The danger of the magic bullet mindset is those unrealistic expectations, when unfulfilled, leave us feeling stuck because, after all, this was supposed to be quick and easy, right? When reality sets in and we find that creating change is downright difficult, we feel overwhelmed, like we’re failures.


The winning formula for success is focusing on what you want and doing the work. For my clients and students, that means showing up for our sessions and staying accountable to tasks at hand. It means intentionally reprogramming the nervous system to believe in your capacity for magnificence. It means learning from others who have gone before you. It means taking action that aligns with their goals.

And it means doing the heavy lifting of being consistent and disciplined in staying focused and doing the work. That is where the magic of personal evolution happens.

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