Episode 117

The Power of Surrender and Trust


Episode 117

The Power of Surrender and Trust

When you turn on a garden hose, do you wait impatiently for the water to come out of the spout? Of course not.


You know it’s coming eventually, so you trust that water’s going to pour out of there any second.


When you plug in the hairdryer, do you wonder if it will work? Probably not.


When you drive on a two-lane road, are you afraid that the oncoming traffic will hop into your lane? I hope not.


When you go to bed at night, are you concerned that the sun might not rise in the morning? No way!


We TRUST that these things will happen.


What would happen if we, in a similar way, trust that the universe had our backs? What if we trust the universe with our big desires knowing full well they would show up?


In today’s episode, I’m inviting you to adopt a sense of trust and surrender regarding the outcomes that you want, to trust in the power of your unconscious mind and your source (God, the universe, creative energy, etc.) just like you would the force behind the garden hose. 


When you turn on the spigot, you know there’s a lag time before the water reaches the end of the hose. But the lag doesn’t make you doubt that the flow will come. You know you just need to give it a few seconds before you see evidence of the flow.


It’s much the same when tapping into the power and abundance of the universe. There’s some lag time, but there’s no need to fret about the lag. The key is to stay positive in your anticipation and expectation as you focus on your desired outcome. If you start to feel impatient, temporarily shift your focus to something else that will help you get in a feel-good state. The key is to manage your moment-to-moment state as you focus on the essence of what you want. The key is to live as if it’s already yours, and that its arrival is certain.


Trust that the universe has your back. The energy flow is always there. And you have the opportunity to co-create with your source. 


Let that sink in. 


If you’re skeptical, that’s okay. But what do you think could happen if your unconscious mind believed that the universe could be trusted? Isn’t it worth a seven-day experiment to find out?

Thanks for listening!

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