Episode 119

The Value of Making Tough Inward Turns


Episode 119

The Value of Making Tough Inward Turns

Over the last week, a theme was running through the people in my space — one of frustration. Many clients and students felt that they were doing all the right things but they weren’t getting the outcomes they wanted. It was happening in their businesses, sales, and relationships. By the end of the week, I had to use NLP to release frustration for myself!


If you can subscribe to the NLP idea that you are the sum total of your conscious and unconscious choices and can believe that you can train your unconscious mind, then I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The bad news: You’re responsible for your life experience. The good news: You’re responsible for your life experience. And you can shape that life experience by working with your conscious and unconscious minds. 


If you feel like you’re doing everything you can but the results aren’t to your liking, here are some things to consider…


  • Are you going deep to uncover dominant limiting beliefs? Working on surface-level things can only get you so far.
  • If you feel like you’re missing the “abundance gene,” that often means your focus is on lack. Do you have a deep sense of trust that things will work out for you? Do you believe the universe has your back?
  • Do your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, expectations, and behaviors align with the outcomes you seek? Maybe one or two areas are off. Focus on aligning mentally, emotionally, and energetically with your goals.
  • Are you doing mindset work consistently? It’s easy to stop when you begin to feel better. The key is to keep doing internal work until feeling good and positive outcomes are the norm. And then keep going to make it even better.
  • Are you doing what you’ve always done, thinking what you’ve always thought and expecting things to change? For things to change, your thoughts and actions must align with what you want. 


Negative experiences are just letting you know that something like thoughts, beliefs, or emotions are out of balance. And it’s easy to get derailed by what’s going on in our environments. This is where staying vigilant and consistent with internal work pays off. 


The quality of your internal filters is revealed in how you’re feeling right now. So, if you feel like you’re doing everything you know to do but aren’t living the life you crave, perhaps this is an ideal opportunity to make that inward turn to align your thinking, beliefs and expectations with your desired outcomes. 


I share this with a sense of compassion because, hey, I’ve been there. I aim to inspire and empower you by asking, “And now, what are you going to do about it?”

Thanks for listening!

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