Episode 106

The Winning Combination for All Pursuits


Episode 106

The Winning Combination for All Pursuits

My life and business are about achieving outcomes — in my life and the lives of my students and clients. And over the years, I’ve discovered some patterns related to the way we go about transforming our lives and pursuing outcomes.


First, know that these are observations from my life and those in my space, so we’re talking about a group of go-getters who desire personal growth and transformation. These are people probably much like yourself (because, hey, you’re here, so you’re in my space too) with goals, ambitions, and a desire for excellence.


Spoiler alert: You can achieve success and positive outcomes with all of the following combinations, but the winning combination is the one that feels the best in the pursuit of the goal, the one that allows for sustained success — is the last one.


Combination #1: You’ve been taught to believe that you’re special and magnificent and worthy — which is great. But instead of taking action and doing the things that align with what you want, you’re waiting for the universe to manifest success for you. You may be waiting for signs that the time is right. This results in a lot of positive thinking but very little doing. There’s a lack of energy and movement and no momentum.  


Combination #2: You do all the things, and you want to do them perfectly. But you don’t yet believe in yourself. You’re doing things because someone told you they’d work. You’ve been educated about the “winning strategy,” and you’re ready to execute, following the protocol to a T — but you’re in self-doubt and uncertainty. The work feels mechanical, you get bogged down in the weeds, and then you find yourself in analysis paralysis, unable to complete what you started. You feel too exhausted to break out of your comfort zone. 


Both Combination #1 and #2 leave you in self-doubt, uncertainty and can lead to fear, feelings of imposter syndrome, and mediocre results that are lackluster and not very satisfying.


Combination #3 (aka the winning combination): You start by believing in yourself and your magnificence and worthiness. Your belief in yourself is the foundation. Then you take intentional — almost methodical action. The winning combination involves gathering the internal and external resources you need and aligning those resources with the outcomes you want. Then the results will come on their own — especially if you adopt the following formula to turbocharge your pursuits. 


  • Have a pursuit that’s worthy of who you are
  • Be willing to do the hard stuff
  • Be willing to be unreasonable when it comes to achieving your goals
  • Be willing to learn new things
  • Be consistent


 These things will keep you feeling fueled and energetic in whatever you pursue.

Thanks for listening!

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