Episode 120

This Could be Keeping You from Living Your Best Life


Episode 120

This Could be Keeping You from Living Your Best Life

To get what we want in life, we need to balance thinking and doing, and connecting emotionally and spiritually with what we want. A lot of the work I do with my clients is about creating the emotional and spiritual space for the things they want in their lives. 


This emotional-spiritual collaboration lets us get what we want with a greater sense of ease, purpose, and fun.


The problem is that our internal resources go largely untapped. We simply haven’t been trained to cultivate and use them. It’s like you have a sports car sitting in the garage, but you don’t even know it’s there. And all the while, you’re sweating on a bicycle around town when you could be driving your sports car.


We have this fantastic, powerful resource inside us, so how can we tap into it? 


Often we see things we want and feel a pang inside. Perhaps it feels like jealousy or lack. The next time you feel triggered by seeing something you want, try this:


Step one — Find a sense of trust inside that you have the resources, access to them, and the power to use them to get what you want. You can say, “I use my power to access the resources to create this thing I want.”


Step two — Say or write, “I access those resources and use them to achieve what I want.”


Step three — Say or write, “I  assess my outcomes and make adjustments as needed.”


Step four — Say or write, “I trust the process until I reach the desired results.”


Write these steps in a favorite notebook, print them out or take a screenshot. And when you feel triggered by something you want that’s not currently in your life experience, go through these steps. With time and repetition, your unconscious mind will tap into your available resources and make way for your desires. 


Run this mental strategy with emotions attached. Let your emotions fuel and propel your desires because — remember — emotions are the language of the unconscious mind. Imagine that you’re living your desired outcome now. That will help your unconscious mind get on board.


By tapping into your internal resources, you’ll see results quickly. Give it a try!

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