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Turning Inward to Move Through Your Stuck Places

Wherever you are physically and emotionally while reading this article, my wish for you is that you’re feeling a sense of peace and calm — and finding joy in some ways. 

This article is about you. 

It’s about getting through and identifying some things that could potentially be going on inside for you. Maybe they’re keeping you in places where you don’t want to be right now. 

In the conversations I’ve had recently, so much is right in our faces. We cannot deny it. We’re facing parts of ourselves that a lot of the times we get to ignore — until we can’t.

In our day-to-day, we’re conditioned to get up, do our work, and make it through the day. Go to work, come home, have dinner, take care of the kids, feed your pets, work some more, maybe unwind, and then you go to sleep. And then, you get up and do it all over again. 

We can do all this while we’re half asleep — as in we’re doing it, for the most part, unconsciously.

There’s no better time than right now for us to look inward and begin to tap into the part of ourselves that we hardly ever tap into.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the superconscious mind and what it means. From the point of view of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) — the Superconscious Mind is your higher self, your soul, or what you call your connection to God, the Universe, or Source. 

The Superconscious Mind communicates directly with the unconscious mind, and it’s where all your wishes, desires, and goals live in their ideal, 100% congruent manifestation. The unconscious mind hears these wants, but the unconscious mind is at the mercy of your conscious programming. And that’s why you’re not living the essence of what that is.

BUT! There’s a way to get in there and start strengthening that relationship because your superconscious mind is just an extension of you. 

To help you tap into your superconscious mind, I have an exercise for you. You could do this exercise focusing on your life as a whole or just around a single area where you feel stuck.

Here are some powerful writing prompts to help you turn inward, and dig deeper into your purpose and get through these internal stuck places.

Before you dig into these, grab a notebook and a pen, and set aside some quiet time. Putting pen to paper is powerful here!

1. Write down everything you want.
Compile a list of all the things you want in life, including work, relationships, experiences. Write anything that comes to mind here; avoid judging anything you write down as too big, too small, or too out there. Your list may be 30 items and that’s fantastic.

2. Quickly, rank your list.
Without thinking about what others may say you should want, order your list from most to least important. Using the power of your unconscious mind (which is responsible for involuntary movements), jot down numbers 1, 2, 3, and keep going until you’ve ranked your list. Do this quickly and without pausing to think.

3. Rewrite your newly ranked list.
Take a fresh page and create a new list based on the order of importance you assigned each item.

4. Tap into your unconscious mind.
Become aware that you’re in tune with your unconscious mind by recalling your childhood address, your first-grade teacher’s name, or your old phone number — something that you know lives in the unconscious part of the brain.

5. Give your conscious mind directions.
Instruct your conscious mind (this is the aware part of your mind) that you want to open communication with your superconscious mind.

6. Explore your purpose.
Begin writing again, stream-of-conscious, automatic writing style, answering the question, “What’s my purpose?” Or it could be a question related to your work or business or something else. Keep writing until you feel empty. Write without editing, thinking about spelling or grammar.

7. What will living your purpose do for you?
Then write your answer to the question, “What will living this purpose do for me?” Again, keep putting pen to paper until there’s nothing left.

8. What will living your purpose do for others?
Then write, answering the question, “What will living this purpose do for others?” Write until nothing else comes to mind.

9. How will living this purpose make you feel?
Then write, answering the question, “How will living this purpose make me feel?” Keep scribbling until there’s nothing left.

10. Put your list away for a while.
Close your notebook and set aside time to revisit your list. See if you can give it at least a few hours or even days. When you come back to it, see if you can identify anything that you can take action on now. Focus especially on the how-I-would-feel part. Chose just one thing and do something that makes you feel that way. And then tomorrow, do another.

Tapping into your higher self is a powerful tool for getting unstuck and moving in the direction you want to go. There is massive power there. And it’s always with you. You just need to become aware of it. And the more you become aware of it, you’ll be able to tap into your power and your purpose more easily and weave it into everything you do.

If you enjoyed this article, you’ll also enjoy the audio version. Just by listening, you’ll probably tap into deeper thoughts. Press place on episode #60 of The Mind Revolution Podcast: Turning Inward to Move Through Your Stuck Places.

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