Episode 123

What It Really Takes to Have that Dream Business


Episode 123

What It Really Takes to Have that Dream Business

Evolving, growing, transforming — this is what the people in my space want (and they’re doing it!) Change is beautiful and thrilling, and it comes with some challenges.


When you’re ready to create change, your unconscious mind will begin to show you all the ways that what you’re currently doing doesn’t work. And let me tell you, that can feel frustrating. But it’s just your unconscious mind confirming for you that growth is in order. While uncomfortable, this is just part of the growth process. So it’s probably a good idea to expect and embrace it. It means that your unconscious mind is getting on board — which is great news!


This discomfort is what can propel you to take action in the direction of what you want. The first step can be especially difficult because your nervous system is learning and evolving to accommodate the growth you’re seeking. 


This is why taking those first steps can be painfully uncomfortable.


I’ve made two big changes in my career, and both times my new choices were uncomfortable until I learned the way around this expanded version of me. Recording and publishing my first podcast was so scary! But after doing it a few times, it was no big deal. And now I record and release episodes with speed. No sweat. When I decided to get more visible and start creating videos on Instagram — yikes! I was so nervous! Now that I’ve done it, though, I’m becoming more comfortable. I feel as if my brain is expanding and supporting me, and I’m even having fun with it.


What changed? Two things. 

  1. I took (external) action. 
  2. I had (internal) growth. 


Our nervous systems have a tremendous ability to change when things in our environment begin to change. But in order for change to occur, we must do some things differently. Our  internal growth is fueled by the action we take during times of change. And evolution of our neurological container (the nervous system) can and does compel us to action. In other words, action, growth, and evolution go hand in hand.


To be successful in making changes in business:

  • Don’t compare yourself to the outliers in your industry. You shouldn’t expect the same results as someone who has been working at their business for years or has a massive email list when you’re a few months in. Model them, sure. But don’t compare. 
  • Learn to sell by listening and using language effectively. (This is where the NLP Selling Series comes in!)
  • Become more visible to grow your business — share content regularly, show your face on social media, try out video. Don’t worry; people are not nearly as interested in what you do or look like as you are. 
  • Persevere. Keep going. Take the next step. As you do, your nervous system will evolve to support you.
  • Honor your vision.
    • By giving it energy
    • By learning new things
    • By getting better each day


Change is indeed hard. And you might feel like it’s not the right time because you’ve never done this before. I’ve got to break it to you… There’s no such thing as a right time when your brain hasn’t done it before. Embrace the discomfort to embrace the growth. You and your vision are worth it! And I’m here to support you on your journey. Let’s do this!

Thanks for listening!

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