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Why It’s Important for You to Do Extraordinary Things

I hope that you and your people are healthy and safe right now. I’m also sending you so much love right now in these especially uncertain times. 

I regularly talk with people who are living in fear. These people are living in fear because somewhere deep down, they know that they’re not living their purpose. 

They know their life could mean more, and they could feel more fulfilled.

So what’s holding these people back?

Essentially, they’re living with a sense of future regret. They are afraid that they’ll one day look back with regret realizing that they ignored their true self or said “no” to those nudges that would lead to a deeply fulfilling life. I also believe that people can be fulfilled without living their purpose — especially if they haven’t tapped into that purpose yet.

And, “fulfilled” will mean something different to everyone. After people tap into their purpose, they may reach a new level of fulfillment.

One thing all these people have in common is they know deep down that they’re special — they have a unique purpose and a calling. We all do. 

Each of us is here for a reason. The more tuned in we are to our spiritual side, the easier it is to recognize when we’re on our “purpose” path and when we’re off track.

I talk a lot about the conscious and unconscious mind, but today, I’m talking about the heart. The heart is an integral part of each of us that’s connected to the Super Conscious Mind — this is what gives us our drive, passion, and deep desires.

Your heart is where your passion lies. It’s the part of you that gives birth to your purpose. It’s the part of you that’s spiritually connected.

I don’t talk a lot about being spiritually connected, although I’m a deeply spiritual person. I believe that who I am is more than my brain and my mind. There is something else in there.

This impulse and desire comes from another place.

We feel it and tap into it. It feels like pure creativity — it feels like love. It compels you to move in a direction. 

And maybe that nudge causes you to look at our environment, and say, “But I’m not there yet. Maybe I want to do this, but I’m not there.” That impulse is undeniable, and it’s trying to wake you up and tell you to take some kind of action. 

The conscious mind, the unconscious mind, and the heart — and all three being in balance are essential to living and leading with excellence. 

Now, I’m not advocating for anyone to quit their day job to find their purpose. We can be smarter and more resourceful than that. I mean, that’s kind of what I did years ago with my real estate business, and it turned out okay, but it may not be the best way for you — all our paths are unique.

From the point of view of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), when you go higher in NLP levels, we understand that your unconscious mind is directly connected to the Super Conscious Mind. And in Super Conscious Minds, you’re going to have access to all the energy of the universe. Some might call this the Law of Attraction. Whatever you call it, this is where the unconscious mind has the power to tap into all the resources available out there. 

And it holds within it the blueprint for all the things you absolutely want, and it’s communicating this information to your unconscious mind so that you can have the impulse. 

The problem is that the unconscious mind is programmed by your conscious mind and your conscious focus — the things that you see in your environment that you allow to influence you. And when I say “allow,” please know that I certainly don’t mean that you have control over everything that goes into your neurology, because we don’t. That’s why it’s so important to be really picky about where you hang out, who you talk to, and the words you use. 

This is why it’s so important you care about how you feel and about the things you’re allowing into your neurology more than you care about pleasing others, more than you care about joining the argument, more than you care about pushing against another individual, system or establishment.

You’ve got to make a commitment to care more about you and your wellbeing before you make a decision to push against anything or anyone. The pushing against anything or anyone, knowing now that your unconscious mind takes everything personally, it doesn’t look at it as you pushing against anything or anyone. 

It believes you’re pushing against you.

Do it enough, and your unconscious mind is going to create neural networks that are going to be supporting that pushing against inside your neurology. And those people that you’re pushing against, they’re going to be long and gone, and you’re still going to keep the neurology. Do you see how that doesn’t work for you?

What I’m presenting to you is this: Keep nurturing your dreams, and the things that light you up inside. Those impulses are there for a specific reason. Let them guide you, mindfully. 

Here’s a reminder for you — you can do extraordinary things.

Take cues and hints from your heart. Then use the power of your conscious mind to train your unconscious mind to filter into your experience the things that light your fire. 

You can train your focus in 60 days or even faster. If you’ve spent decades focusing on the “wrong” things, it doesn’t matter. After 60 straight days of shifting your focus, you’ll be able to see huge differences (and smaller, significant ones in just a few days).

Nothing in this world can satisfy like the sense of operating within your purpose.

And the world needs you.

What extraordinary things is your heart nudging you toward? Tell us inside our private community here.

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